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  1. Yes, all this stuff's great. I really love how Klei's adding a lot of stuff.


    However I'm very skeptical.


    Shipwrecked wasn't great, Winona doesn't look great, and ANR leaned to "Quality of life" rather than true difficulty (it pretty much eliminated the threat of darkness altogether), and ONI is by far one of the worst games I own in my steam library.


    So, Klei, while all this is good, remember.

    Quality is better than quanitity.

    I say this because I care about you guys, as you've shown an intimacy with us here on the forums that you are actual people, with actual lives, kids, families, not a giant corporate brick wall. I have talked to and have gotten to know a few of you personally. I consider some of you my buddies, even. I would genuinely hate to see this all get rushed out just because you want a bigger list of things. I hope your past experiences are real learning experiences for you. And don't overexhert yourselves, and that goes for EVERYONE on the staff. Tack this to your refridgerator if you need to. I honestly wouldn't care if these things take a while as long as the quality was outstanding and you gave updates and your reasonings to us here at the community. Turns out people like to know progress more than silence, and now that the cat's out of the bag, there's no reason for you to all be hush-hush on these things.


    Take care Klei.

    1. Michi01


      I was disappointed by Winona and a lot of things in ANR, but the content update for Shipwrecked is actually good and I faith that the new stuff could be good.
      I'm curious, what makes you dislike ONI? I saw your status update after the last update, was that what ruined it for you?

    2. Maslak
    3. Auth



      @Michi01 Here's what I originally said:

      "When I first got ONI, sure it had tedious and annoying features, but it was coated with a fine layer of fun and satisfaction of expanding to get bigger and better stuff. The last update made [Agriculture Update] trashed it, almost entirely. I am an incredibly casual person, FPS games never really get me angry when I play them. No game does, really. But I got outlandishly angry playing ONI the last update simply because they weren't truly adding anything new, just new mechanics for more tedious gameplay (Smells familiar to SW, which is another Klei property I really don't enjoy) while effectively ruining super advanced progression by making stress levels ridiculously stupid to maintain (Massage table nerf + heavy watt wire becoming the antichrist to dupes or something)

      I only got angry because I care about the game. That's why I'm upset with SW, because I can see the mountains of capabilities these things have, and watching them get trashed for no good reason except for this "Difficulty" (There's a difference between challenge and stupidity)

      Games are a means of stress relief. ONI is forgetting this concept."

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