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  1. Yes, all this stuff's great. I really love how Klei's adding a lot of stuff.


    However I'm very skeptical.


    Shipwrecked wasn't great, Winona doesn't look great, and ANR leaned to "Quality of life" rather than true difficulty (it pretty much eliminated the threat of darkness altogether), and ONI is by far one of the worst games I own in my steam library.


    So, Klei, while all this is good, remember.

    Quality is better than quanitity.

    I say this because I care about you guys, as you've shown an intimacy with us here on the forums that you are actual people, with actual lives, kids, families, not a giant corporate brick wall. I have talked to and have gotten to know a few of you personally. I consider some of you my buddies, even. I would genuinely hate to see this all get rushed out just because you want a bigger list of things. I hope your past experiences are real learning experiences for you. And don't overexhert yourselves, and that goes for EVERYONE on the staff. Tack this to your refridgerator if you need to. I honestly wouldn't care if these things take a while as long as the quality was outstanding and you gave updates and your reasonings to us here at the community. Turns out people like to know progress more than silence, and now that the cat's out of the bag, there's no reason for you to all be hush-hush on these things.


    Take care Klei.

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    2. Michi01


      I guess it just isn't the type of game that you enjoy, most players still seem to like it. A lot of players actually liked the more complicated farming of the Agricultural Upgrade more than the simplified farming that we have now, I guess for some people having to handle those sort of things and coming up with ways to deal with them is fun and relaxing and for others it is stressful.
      Also I don't actually remember there being a lot of criticism for the Agricultural Upgrade, there was a lot more towards the Outbreak Upgrade.
      I've also noticed that you seem to be misunderstanding some mechanics, for example the whole point of heavy watt wire being bad for decor is that you're supposed to use it for generators outside of your base and then use transformers and normal wires for things inside of your base. Also I would call the changes to the massage table a buff, not a nerf. You might also just be lacking experience with the game, I actually think that it's currently too easy to manage stress because you can just spam paintings everywhere (they said that they want to overhaul stress mechanics though).
      Keep in mind that ONI is still an early access game, it is far from finished. The devs have stated that the reason why they've mostly been adding mechanics so far is that they wanted all core mechanics to be in the game before they started adding a lot of content and adding more depth to existing mechanics.
      That was after the last update by the way, so we can expect more frequent updates now and more content instead of new mechanics.
      I don't think I can really change your opinion on it, as I said it might just not be the kind of game that you enjoy. I don't think that the game has become bad or stress inducing though, most players still enjoy it.

    3. Auth


      The more complicated farming was fine, it was mostly the other miscellaneous changes that came along with it. I know that heavy watt's intention changed, but because of it, it's near impractical to use because A: It can't go through tiles and B: it's decor value is so low not even a hallway of masterpieces buffs it out

      It's very boring to do huge expanding projects like you used to be able to, because almost every system inside your base will require it's own generator and set of batteries because god forbid you connect anything else to it. It's forcing you to make your colony be big and sprawling, which is insanely time consuming to need to watch dupes walk back and forth delivering the same materials to the same machine that no longer works continuously because it's too time consuming to actually reach it in the first place. It's essentially barred off an entire way to play, and now requires a dupe to always be on a treadmill early game, otherwise, your colony is toast.

      Expansion used to be super fast and was really satisfying to pull off in such a short burst of time. Now it's so time consuming and boring that the game doesn't actually have ANY redeeming quality for me, because everything is so tedious and "If this is this then this then does this which is this for this and then does this and that's how you figure out the dupe's schedule and inner workings of their AI mind for that"

    4. Michi01


      I think you still don't understand how you're supposed to use power. You can make a single circuit with heavy watt wires for all your generators and batteries that's outside of your base and then connect all the other normal wire systems from your base to it with transformers.