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  1. You know why he wears that hat, right? The hat itself is a mouth. Also he has multiple mouths, just on the back of his head and behind his hat. He's very sensitive about them, so he doesn't tell anybody.
  2. Hey, welcome to the forums! Currently, there's no plan to port DST to mobile. At least, not any time soon. Plus, I'm not really sure DST would even be worthwhile on mobile... lag is already a pretty severe issue on PC, and mobile is a whole new kind of beast.
  3. My first DST mod has been the second featured mod on the steam workshop for a few days now.


    can i get moddr badg pls

  4. Alright, I need a quick start to the morning, no time to dilly dally, I got places to go, people to see, I gotta-

    *hits hot shower water and immediately zones out for 20 minutes*

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      At least as long as you're comfortable.

  5. Welcome to The Forums
  6. I think "Them" is a bunch of Glommers of cosmic power and scale. Just a tiny theory I just made up have been thinking of.
  7. we dont need upvote and downvote reactions

    This has been debated quite a few times. The forums even had downvotes at one point. But encouraging negative feedback on just about any post can get a little... well. It was removed as the mere presence of the "dislike" reminded everyone how human they really were, and what once started as a way to say you simply disagreed with an idea became the tinder to start flame wars with small, petty jabs leading the charge. And as @Xenologist said, "Confused" acts as a disagreement anyway. Confused is the only one of the bunch that doesn't add to community reputation, whereas all the others (Including Sad because everyone meme'd with it) do. Not that community rep actually matters too much, but it still stands as a pleasant number. That being said, while not many people care about the number's gradual rise, people usually do care about a sudden decrease. Dislikes actively take from a member's community reputation, which adds a layer of defensiveness to someone's reaction, which is yet another way dislikes can cause something to spiral out of control. As much as I'd love to say everyone on here is adult enough to not make this kind of childish reaction, I can't, as Klei is in fact a game company, and quite a good chunk of people that come on here (even briefly) are children. All in all, even in it's intended use (disagreeing with someone) a small tongue-in-cheek response is almost immediately ignored. That's why everything I happen to firmly disagree with I will usually take the time to write out my response about why I disagree with it. Even then, usually quite a few people that suggest something also have the thread come along with a poll that asks if you're in support of their idea or not. That gives the same statistic a like/dislike ratio would. I just wish Klei would ask for specific community feedback on matters themselves.
  8. Hey, welcome to the forums! And hey, nice pumpkin! Since you don't know where it is, the area for Don't Starve/Together fanart is right here. Your thread will be moved there eventually as well. Other art threads (unrelated to Klei games) usually wind up in The Off-Topic Area.
  9. It appears to be an issue with summer ambiance. I hear it in my game too, and it drives me insane. If you want to disable it, either A: Spend summer in the caves, or (Preferred) B: Turn your "Ambiance" to 0 in your settings. Finally, I'm not the only person to say it! I've been saying this for years!
  10. Hey, Welcome to the Forums! This does just sound like a case of really bad luck- I've received 13 specifically tan skirts from drops myself. The system isn't a huge fan of me. But, if you still do really suspect something might be up with your drops, find your client_log.txt (located in Documents > Klei > DoNotStarveTogether) and contact @PeterA for more help. Also, for the record, your English isn't bad at all
  11. Hey. I don't normally poke around art threads, but hey, good stuff here.
  12. why did you join the klei forums?

    Me too. He added me on steam where I see him play a few games every now and then, but I guess he just forgot about us all here for now. to be fair i accidentally was the reason he bricked his computer which made him inactive in the first place, so...
  13. 5d978edbbbd50_Screenshot(86).thumb.jpg.945fc412f2a6167bfde7093df4dc2e1f.jpg

    all of those pages are just more tan skirts btw

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      Holy crap that is a lot of skirts

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      That's actually his valid reaction XD

  14. why did you join the klei forums?

    I saw Don't Starve, pirated an incredibly old version with science points, then saw RoG, so I bought the actual game. Discovered a few bugs on my second day of playing. Decided to come here to report them... Then I met someone named @the truthseeker who was so incredibly friendly and personable that he alone was the reason I stuck around and got a desire to know more about the forums in the first place. I've always kind of wanted to be able to say the same thing about myself, I guess. Be the reason someone saw this place as just a bit more than a video game company's forums, and more of a thriving community of (mostly) like-minded people.
  15. Hey, welcome to the forums! This does certainly sound like an interesting case. It could've been another, secret moleworm plotting a nefarious crime with the perfect framing of two innocent moleworms, who's to say. But to my knowledge, items do not mysteriously despawn, there's always a cause, like another player, moles, eyeplants, and meteors, but it looks like since you're in the ruins it narrows things down. They could always have been hiding behind something, so it might've been your camera rotation. Or hey, maybe you're like me and easily get confused. Maybe you weren't even looking in the right area in the first place.
  16. You can have him enter the caves while you're standing nearby. The smallbirds will lose attachment to him and will once again follow you.
  17. Next Rework?

    I definitely think Wendy is getting the next rework. I don't really care one way or the other, but with how much the community talks about her and such, it'd only be most likely that Klei goes for her next. After all, they do seem to be following the river of people most requested for changes. (Already got the main 3 out of the way- Winona, Willow, and Woodie) I just hope they don't go for another re-imagining of the character like with Woodie, at least not with addressing the community first. A few of these reworks (especially Woodie's) could just be a slight numbers change, or introduction of a long-wanted mechanic. I really don't want Klei to feel like there's any pressure to completely reinvent characters and make it some big earth-moving event to do so, when we really don't even need anything to that scale in the first place. Finally!
  18. Hot Lava shirts?

    Hot Lava is basically a brand new game, so they've probably had quite a bit more on their plate than merchandising so far. But, hey, if more people like you show interest, who knows what could come to the Klei store in the future, huh? I'm really hoping for a GAT shirt myself some day. And hey, Welcome to the Forums!
  19. What games have you been playing?

    Blazing Basalt by Plei Entertrainment has been a game I've been playing quite a bit of as of late. The parkour elements are really fun and my computer can actually render it now.
  20. so, apparently there is a klei forum wiki

    Maybe I should get around to actually editing my page at some point. Or I could just keep the... whatever that *Lord_Battal wrote for me. decisions... Also reading people talk about the past like some great round table of ancients makes me feel like some kind of relic. Whoof. To imagine how many pages my thread of yarn or sumthin would have now if I had kept it alive, instead of bury it down with the cringe where it belongs... I'd say good times, but really, they weren't. Luckily I've grown more brain cells since then and no longer make the same idiotic choices, and... well, I got distracted, didn't I? Whoops.
  21. Birds drop resources for new players (This is usually never hosts or people joining around world generation) joining worlds regardless of season. They may also drop resources if the world variation is twiggy trees/grass geckos, if I remember correctly. I remember reading the patch notes for this change quite a while back, so it's by no means a new feature. This is just most likely the first time you've noticed it!
  22. Hey, Welcome to the Forums! It seems you've posted in the Hot Lava discussion area, when your thread belongs over in the Don't Starve Together area. Your thread will get moved, so don't worry, but just keep your eyes peeled for where you're posting next time.
  23. This doesn't sound like a good short. The community is already split more ways than a broken mirror on it, and a short that serves to mock the situation would do nothing to help the situation at all.
  24. Online Multiplayer?

    Yep. Every time you go in-game, you are connected to an online lobby. You can join your friend's lobbies/invite them to yours as well.