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  1. Huh?

    Oh right

    woo 2020 wow crazy its culturally a new decade wow woohoo happy new year!

    i've been on here almost 6 years

  2. I can't stand Oasis Basis. Slowed movement speed/reduced visibility (and constant NOISE!) is not something I enjoy, and the additional work needed to relocate resources and counteract the sandstorm (not to mention usually it's really far from other niche biomes like swamps) just makes it a slog for me. Personally I base near the Moonstone, as it usually has wormholes/sinkholes/touchstones/great biomes nearby (sometimes even the oasis desert itself) and it has that delicious infinite light/sanity/cold source(You can actually nullify the infinite cold by sticking a scaled furnace next to it, the two will balance each other out, so no freezing, no overheating). Sure, I need a singular flingomatic for the general base area, but you can keep it full of fuel throughout the summer and some just by having Glommer naturally crap all over the place, so in a sense it doesn't even consume any real fuel. I believe my biggest moonstone base only had 3 flingomatics, one for the entire base, one for the chest fields, the last for the farms. Again, Glommer's delicious defecation is enough to keep them all fueled through the entire season, and that was only when I made a somewhat large base. If you want to be practical, you'd wedge things a heck of a lot closer together than I do. And Antlion isn't a threat whatsoever to those that live outside the biome, just a free lumberjack at a somewhat random time. Now, I do sometimes just plop firepits at Oasis, but almost every time I go there, I end up regretting wasting my time there for some fish and some trinkets that I could get in heaps from The Ruins.
  3. My new years resoloution: become a moderator lose some weight (I already have been slowly from last year, so I got a bit of a head start) New Decade resoloution: Become a moderator Get some new friends and try to finish up more of Weirdosity/do something with it
  4. The whole thing's a chess board, Them is not a singular entity. Them is referring to multiple parties, one side playing with the black pieces (shadows), the other side playing with the white pieces (lunar). It seems after this nightmare throne gets hit with a huge surge of dark, nightmarish power from a new queen, the other side finally got kicked into making their move, hence why all this is starting to happen now. Or at least, that's my thought on it, lovingly stolen from like 80 different people. Or, I guess it could be one single entity purposely manipulating both sides, which ultimately results in more chaos in the middle, which is where the players are. If They crave amusement after all, then that would certainly be one way.
  5. Kind of haunting to see how many "ghosts" you have across different platforms. Forumers that follow you but haven't been on in months or years, steam friends that haven't been on in hundreds of days, instagram accounts that haven't posted a picture in eons... It's a strange experience to stroll down my list of "friends" and just think "I haven't heard from that dude in ages, I wonder how he/she is doing"

    And then there's always the people that come on periodically but never say anything. Always silently watching, stalking, hoping to find or see something... Seeing all, saying nothing. Heck, times like these I always wonder if anybody's deliberately tried stalking me...

    1. GetNerfedOn


      To see those ghosts is one thing; to feel oneself turn slowly into one of those ghosts is another.

    2. minespatch


      What brought this up?

    3. Auth
  6. Hey, welcome to the forums! Seems you accidentally posted in the Hot Lava area, when you meant to post in the Oxygen Not Included area. Your thread will be moved there, but this little message is just for future notice On an actually on topic note, I have no idea what math people use for figuring things in ONI, because I had a few less plants than you do in that picture and about 12 glossy dreckos, and never got a ding for "Critter Starvation". I also had a much less nicer looking area... It was just a hydrogen bubble sitting above an oxygen bubble full of plants, really.
  7. It's been kinda quiet, eh?

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    2. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      Your posting a status on a forum that nearly 99% forumers don't know such a thing exists.

    3. DragonMage156


      Minespatch skipped 2018 for... some reason >u>;

    4. minespatch


      Cause the Wigvswolf debate was going on for a long LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

  8. Wholesale is pretty ridiculous too as far as massive skips go.
  9. Hey there, welcome to the forums. Did you mean to post this in the Don't Starve Together area?
  10. You know why he wears that hat, right? The hat itself is a mouth. Also he has multiple mouths, just on the back of his head and behind his hat. He's very sensitive about them, so he doesn't tell anybody.
  11. Hey, welcome to the forums! Currently, there's no plan to port DST to mobile. At least, not any time soon. Plus, I'm not really sure DST would even be worthwhile on mobile... lag is already a pretty severe issue on PC, and mobile is a whole new kind of beast.
  12. My first DST mod has been the second featured mod on the steam workshop for a few days now.


    can i get moddr badg pls

  13. Alright, I need a quick start to the morning, no time to dilly dally, I got places to go, people to see, I gotta-

    *hits hot shower water and immediately zones out for 20 minutes*

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. minespatch


      At least as long as you're comfortable.

  14. Hey, welcome to the forums! And hey, nice pumpkin! Since you don't know where it is, the area for Don't Starve/Together fanart is right here. Your thread will be moved there eventually as well. Other art threads (unrelated to Klei games) usually wind up in The Off-Topic Area.
  15. Hey. I don't normally poke around art threads, but hey, good stuff here.
  16. 5d978edbbbd50_Screenshot(86).thumb.jpg.945fc412f2a6167bfde7093df4dc2e1f.jpg

    all of those pages are just more tan skirts btw

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    2. Astro_Neko54


      Holy crap that is a lot of skirts

    3. minespatch
    4. DragonMage156


      That's actually his valid reaction XD

  17. What games have you been playing?

    Blazing Basalt by Plei Entertrainment has been a game I've been playing quite a bit of as of late. The parkour elements are really fun and my computer can actually render it now.
  18. so, apparently there is a klei forum wiki

    Maybe I should get around to actually editing my page at some point. Or I could just keep the... whatever that *Lord_Battal wrote for me. decisions... Also reading people talk about the past like some great round table of ancients makes me feel like some kind of relic. Whoof. To imagine how many pages my thread of yarn or sumthin would have now if I had kept it alive, instead of bury it down with the cringe where it belongs... I'd say good times, but really, they weren't. Luckily I've grown more brain cells since then and no longer make the same idiotic choices, and... well, I got distracted, didn't I? Whoops.
  19. (Mostly DST) Forumite Tierlists

    Yep. Don't worry Klei Forumers, I got you!
  20. NICE! Just got my cool Beta Tester duds, and while I have to do all the levels again, at least I can do em all with my friends I love Hot Lava, and seeing it's whole development has been awesome. Keep up the good work Mark and Co!
  21. I joined the forums in 2014. I've been here for over 5 years. I predate DST, and ONI on here.That's... difficult to think about. It really doesn't feel like it at all. I still feel like I've just been on here for a little while and have just gotten the ropes. Kinda crazy.

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      I technically joined in October 2013 if I'm not mistaken, but this account that I use is from Jan 2014, and you're absolutely right. This place has been through so many changes, yet it doesn't feel like much at all. Time is a weird concept.

    3. minespatch


      I joined in 2016 so I missed out on a huge bunch of content originally.

    4. minespatch


      I still kick myself when I passed on Don't starve originally in 2013...