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  1. Slowing down just the last frame while keeping the rest at that speed is honestly more work than it's worth. Sorry. If you want to see the shadows it's easier just to look at the picture. Give it a couple of days and there will be more frames or Klei will just straight up release the finished whatever it is.
  2. when has that ever not been the case?
  3. I'm confused, what are you doing here then?
  4. Okay I'm coming aboard but I'm gonna tell you right know, I didn't actually buy a ticket
  5. I will try to give a short simple answer to a short complicated question. Why so many people desperately want it to NOT be there is not a question. It's the answer. The answer to the question "Why not multiplayer?" The answer is, because so many people desperately want it to NOT be there. Your words, not mine. Boom. Done. Rekt. I still love you by the way.
  6. Wow. I really hope they add multiplayer now. With hats. Actually no, the hats should be DLC. Or pre-order exclusive.
  7. They told me tell to you we still love you. For now.
  8. According to that other thread it's most likely Syria. I still think Klei has nothing on Google Maps.
  9. I am amazed William Wallace is not a thing. COME ON KLEI, what the hell?
  10. Congratulations! You have won. Click here to claim your prize.