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  1. I think the "DST Where's My Beefalo?" mod was the reason.
  2. It reports them as 15 days long while they are 16 days long by default. Visible in the Combined Status mod, but even executing the command in console shows 15.
  3. What was the cause of this? I'm having issues with save becoming unloadable on integrated GPU and even on the discrete one FPS in completely abysmal with thousands of lines about glowflies in console output. Should I report it as a new issue when this thread already exists?
  4. Maybe it will help someone: I had issues with placing doors with Relaxed Crafting mod, but they work fine if placed without mod being active:
  5. Had same thing. After a while one of them galloped away despite me holding the gizzard stone. And then the second one two. I followed it to the edge of the map where it was just stuck trying to run in one direction, ignoring the gizzard stone. Wickerbottom too BTW. But I had only one gizzard stone, it hatched on the floor. I've seen mentions of how it can be duplicated by hatching in inventory.
  6. What season and location? I'm having problems with rabid beetles killing FPS completely and making save unloadable on integrated GPU.
  7. Also, loading the game on integrated GPU no longer worked, I had to use the discrete one. And it's the only instance where I had any performance issues in any DS (RoG and SW). The code in scripts/stategraphs/SGglowfly.lua looks weird. And in console I've seen at least several thousand lines about glowflies while there are at most 40 rabid beetles on screen in the save. I've tried adding print(inst) and they all have different sequencial identifiers. It's a major issue because it makes the game uplayably slow even on a discrete GPU with 4GB of video memory (16GB system RAM), please take a look into it.
  8. I fixed it by adding num = 0 in TopModsPanel:GenerateRandomPicks. Full description there:
  9. I do not have any language packs installed and never had. The characters in question are: Also is not displayed correctly, but not as a question mark. IIRC, this problem was always present, just found the time to report. Currently it's Ubuntu 16.04, Steam run with native libraries. Is there any way to use a custom font for chat? іїґєф logs.tar.gz
  10. We`ve decided to wall ourselves in to keep lavae away and concentrate on hitting the Dragonfly. But as soon as our pen is closed and no lavae can't enter it we (except for one player, seemingly random) can't hit DF and it can hit us all. No player was left outside. Reproduced it three times last weekend.