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  1. Yeah, they've painted them now in the game, but the small buff, like building certain things with certain materials are still showing that there's 0+ decor. I'm wondering if that is a change that is coming as part of the new update
  2. I've noticed that with the rocketry preview, the room designations and the perks no longer work. So with the image example, I have the great hall, it's in the rage for room size and has everything required for the perk, but all rooms are marked as miscellaneous. It also says that there is a +0 for decor that used to give a bonus if you build with certain materials, but those perks with everything I've known to have a bonus, now read as zero. The two issues have to be related because you can't get the great hall perk without decor and since decor is 0, you can't get the bonus. I've also noticed that randomly, my dupes will start clapping and cheering, but they won't stop. They will stand there, even when it's time to sleep, clapping and cheering...kinda creepy, lol. Also, I don't think this is a bug, but a weird happening, but when my dupes came through the portal on cycle one, there were two pufflets flying around in my starter biome. I included a photo of the debug menu showing the entire map because I thought there was an opening, but there wasn't.
  3. This is annoying! It's happening to me too, but by dupes are wearing exosuits. The slicksters will get caught in the traps, my dupe will come down to get it and as soon as its bagged, the dupe will hop back out
  4. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but when I have my dupes create algae terrariums, they get stuck in this cycle of constantly delivering water. They'll go down to my water source and only suck up 1000g of water. If I remember right, the terrariums require 150 KG of water. It's insane! They'll even forgo making food and eating in order to enter this endless water delivery cycle.
  5. I'm astonished by the amount of food you have!! It's been a struggle for me since the calories for the meal lice was reduced.
  6. It happened again and this time I saved it with the dupe still trapped in the wall. Hopefully this helps! entombed dup 2.sav Edit: I just noticed that with both incidents, it was with the dupe, Lindsay. I don't remember who it was the first time it happened, but I know it was a female dupe.
  7. Yep, here it is. Hopefully you guys can use this to reproduce it. If it happens again, I'll make sure to save it as is and send it to you. The Messy Comet.sav
  8. So I was constructing my bathroom and noticed there was a spot my dupe couldn't reach so I had her try to make a tile, but as soon as she turned her gun on it to construct it, she was launched upward and into solid rock above the bathroom. This isn't the first time this has happened but it is the first time I've witnessed it. I included a screenshot but I hope I'll get to record it when it happens next.
  9. Thank you! This was driving me insane!
  10. First let me start off by saying that I absolutely hate that the massage tables need power. The reason I hate this is because my dupes will try to use the massage table after running on the generator for literally 1 second. I have to disable the tables, allow the batteries to charge, then enable them. Then half the time, the dupes at 100% wont use the massage tables at all!
  11. Hi, I don't know if I'm the only one who is having this problem, but I have a water pump submerged in polluted water. I hooked up the pipes and the power source, but no water is pumped. The info graphic says that there is no power, but there is stable power going to the pump.
  12. I was happy to see all that oxygen in the ice biome and was in the processes of opening it up, but when I pressed the air overlay, it lists that all that helpful oxygen is unbreathable. is there a reason for this or is this another bug?
  13. So two of my characters got stuck when they shouldn't have been and died. When I built their tombstone, they still remained and when sent other duplicates over to see if there was some reason why I couldn't get them out of the area, they became stuck too though they shouldn't have. because of this, the original two began to decay and contaminated my air though I finally had it perfectly set. there was oxygen everywhere and I felt so accomplished, but then this. I don't understand what happened.