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  1. This can happen to hail as well. Normally its not much of a deal cause it is just a hail and it melt and disappear after a while. However when it happens to be a boss item it hurts alittle lol.
  2. I have never have this issue until this 4th playthrough of the beta. This crash happened 2 times within 4 game days. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: dontstarve_steam.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 59c30ed0 Fault Module Name: fmodex.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 51187c33 Exception Offset: 00024ea5 Exception Code: c0000409 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 10b1 Additional Information 2: 10b1ea861dc045c4495dce3877ac1786 Additional Information 3: 5fae Additional Information 4: 5fae9d001e369ba19bea27ec50e1118a Edit: Has been reported before?
  3. I see. Ty for letting me know. That's interesting. Rain coat is also not available in SW, even thou SW has 2 season that rains very heavily. It means in the SW world the only use for tentacle spots is for crafting feather hat.
  4. This is the swamp biome with the floor removed/replaced. Marked in red are area blocked by invisible entities. Could it be a flup spawner? ts. Has there been any update that have the potential to cause white whales stop spawning? Since this morning I haven't see any of those. All 15 + whales that I've killed today are blue whales.
  5. I once find 20+ rainbow jelly fishes nearby the volcano. They were all moving at the same direction. May be for some reason they all respawned over there at that same spawner? Edit: I just realize, all those jelly fishes were heading to the volcano!
  6. Started the game from SW. Play for like 1.5 years. Decided to travel to ROG world. As soon as I use the seaworthy this Happen. Restart the game and load again will result in the same error screen. So I guess the save is gone?
  7. It works normally at first. Then I refuel it with some twigs, looks normal. After that I refueled it with a Tar. Even since then it has been running nonstop, and the fuel gauge is always full.
  8. It is wickerbottom, but not day 1. It should be 30+ days. I have since move on and played for another 20+ days. If it happens again I will upload a new save.
  9. Usually when you sail all the way though the edge of the SW world, you will pop up from the other side of the world. Attached is a save where a CTD happens every time when I try to sail all the way NE though the edge. remote.rar
  10. We use the method demonstrated by the video below to farm slurtles: In our case: 1) 1 Mounds under direct contact with tentacles. 2) 3 Mounds is near the tentacles. 3) 1 Mound is far and usually the slurtle spawned by it will not be affected by the tentacles. The only thing in common is that they have all been set on fire and put away with ice staff. It is unlikly that: 1) Tentacles/ depthworms killed them 2) Any of us leave fire behind and burnt them to dead. We have switched to burning slime( which trigger earthquake) so spawn slurtle. 3) Mounds run out of slurtle and despawn. As the far away mount aren't affected by the tentacle. Is it possible that a mound that has been set on fire once, will despawn after several server restart or after the update? Edit: Just tested it. If a mound was set on fire once, it will disappear after server restart.
  11. The point is your angle of attack relative to the deers and klaus'. If you attack from the side of coz you will hit a deer.
  12. Also the deer's attack animation is actually rather slow, if you would pay attention to them.
  13. that red gem deer can be frozen with 1 shot from blue staff. Will make it abit easier to kill klaus in group fight.
  14. Klaus' spell can cast multiple aoe spell at once that targets other mobs/players on within range.
  15. attached logs from both shard. All I know this is the first time since 2 weeks ago I started hosting. server_log_2016-12-11-10-09-57.txt server_log_2016-12-11-10-09-57.txt
  16. Has anyone found a may to mass produce those little light bulb glowing on the tree? Or can they be refueled? Looking at the durability drop from 100% to 99% just by sitting on the ground, makes me go from > > >
  17. If you play solo, it is harder to kill toad, but then you don't always get the toad stuff from this Klaus either. For scales you can farm Dfly using bunny. If you kite you can kill Dfly too. For any other boss items (eyebrella and etc), it is just easier to kill those boss for the loot. So In a way it is the otherway around, that Klaus loot aren't special so players don't have that special need to challenge the boss. Klaus isn't that hard to kill, poss very little risk if a fight with Klaus gone bad. Hence I think the boss gift bundle kinda reflects the risk and reward. In public server, players will kill this Klaus for the additional boss items. Doesn't mean that players will leave the other boss alone thou. More eyebrella for everyone is always a good thing. #SAVETHEGIANTS, #BADATROLLING
  18. I bet once some of the angry kids find out how to kill it with 2~3 darkswords, they are gona cry too easy again:C
  19. try this: 1) Host game 2) c_spawn("klaus",1) 3) c_spawn("shadowmeteor", 100) <-- do this 15 times. Put 10 x n times more meteors in if klaus isn't dead after 1500 meteors Then, try this 1) Host game 2) c_godmode(1) 3) c_spawn("klaus",1) 4) c_give("nightsword", 12) 5) kill klaus with darksword, then count how many sword you have left. Both have very similar result. It may have been some kind of damage resistance causing this but the damage required is somewhere close to 75000 damage. Edit: Also try 1) Host game 2) c_spawn("klaus",1) 3) c_spawn("shadowmeteor", 1500) Put 10 x n times more meteors in if klaus isn't dead after 1500 meteors
  20. I think I have finially meet my profile pic. Mind if I use it?
  21. If you kill the deers, klaus get about 75000 HP(1500 shadow meteors damage) for its first life, and then another 30k HP for second life (750~800 shadowmeteors).