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  1. Just now, TemporaryMan said:

    Gingerbread Cookies was a vanilla server, so that doesn't explain it.

    I used to be a regular on GC before the hardcore server was added, and I can explain exactly why I didn't join it: that was around the same time that I figured out how many Oblivion saves I had to go back to find one that wasn't corrupt, so I didn't have much time for DST anymore.  By the time I decided I wanted to go back to DST for a while, GC was gone.

    No temp, for a short period of time ginger had a 3rd server. It use a different sets of world gen rules that makes the server "hardcore". Then not long ago Art rehost it again for about 2~3 weeks before it was taken away again.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Sinister_Fang said:

    That's because it's literally impossible to make everyone happy. That doesn't mean that all the feedback is bad though. At the end of the day it's up to Klei if they want to act on it or not.


    Which is why we need a bit of everything in the game.

    So instead of keep rebalancing what is already up there, why not just move forward and make more content?

    Jelly beans 5HP/2s too OP? Make a new boss that will require that much of constant healthing.

    Dfly get cheesed to death? Leave that AI alone and go make a new boss that can't be cheese.

    Make ALL boss raid boss, make ALL boss kite only/ tank only, make All items useful, you make 1 group of players happy and many others sad.

  3. 3 minutes ago, KCDA said:

    Can we talk about why Vote Kick is still a bad system for a moment?

    *3 man grief gang joins a server.*

    *2 of the 3 buddies back up whoever is trying to be kicked. (If 2 people say no, the vote fails no matter the odds).*

    Vote Kicking can also instill fear in normal players. Ever say a comment that the rest of the group doesn't like, ever make a mistake that the group doesn't like, or even a bad joke? Odds are, that we've all been that guy or gal. Now if someone tries to kick you, and no one is there to back you up: You're outta there.

    The system also encourages/supports people to cheat with the Vote Rollback mechanic. Granted admins already did this kind of thing, but now this kind of power and abuse is in the hands of the common folk. "Oh no! I died to hounds without a weapon... Can we rollback?" *Vote rollback* "Oh no! Deerclops and Bearger smashed the base!" *Vote rollback.* What used to be hidden behind console commands, loading save backups, and admin only features; is now available to the common folk, making it much more accessible, and thus more "acceptable" in the eyes of the people. 

    While I agree that there is no true, or good way to prevent griefing: I do not see this as a step in the right direction. Instead I see this as a tool to help griefers.

    Vote kick:

    1) Many FPS game have vote kick. The "grief gang issue" doesn't happens a lot as far as I know.

    2) Let the server host to decide whether to enable this vote kick or not.

    Vote Rollback:

    1) Again, let the server host to decide.

    2) If you have 50~100% players agree on a rollback and if it complies with server rule, I think a rollback is acceptable. Let the server host to decide in what situation a rollback is permitted.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, oCrapaCreeper said:

    The Codex acts like a crafting station so I suppose it makes sense to let it stay on the ground like any other crafting station.

    I am not sure if your argument stands since the decays can be prevented. I can also say that it is a book so it make sense to store it in chest or else it can be damaged over time laying on the ground in the wilderness of DST.

    • Codex Umbra no longer decays when left on the ground.

    • Books can now be used as fuel for Fire.

    These changes seems like a bad one to me.

    Before the update all that the player need to do is to keep the codex umbra in a chest to prevent it from decays.

    I don't think giving everyone the choice to burn Maxwell's book is a good idea.

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  5. 3 hours ago, GiddyGuy said:

    Nope perfectly fine with one storage companion in one one world, even if I can't change one of the companions into a portable icebox.

    Its not about companion storage. I rarely bring hutch/chester with me. I just like to have them siting in my base, like a pet.

    Think about how people will spent time getting glommer, put a beefalo/Koalefant in a pen. While there are benefits in doing it, it really isn't the benefits that drive people to do it.



    3 hours ago, V2C said:

    Bug Fixes

    • Chester should no longer accidentally appear in Caves (after World is regenerated).



    Am I the only one disappointed by this "fix"?

    Finding chester in cave is fun. It is like getting a krampus sack or getting both the Tam o' Shanter and Walrus Tusk on the first Mactusk kill. It makes you feels like winning a lottery.

  7. The way I see it, is that hunger is usually not an issue. 1 meat plus 3 ice give a meatball which is good for 62.5 hunger. Also Ice last forever when stored in an ice box. I only hunt for meat when I need to make jerky or ham bat .


    There is 4 easy prey for meat hunting. Koalefant, tallbirds, werepigs and volt goat


    2 koalefants kill in a day give 16 meats which is equivalent to 8 tallbirds / 8 werepigs / 5~6 volt Goat.


    Except that with the 2 koalefants you also get 2 trunks. Each trunk gives 40 health and 75 hunger when cooked. Its usually available all year around in all biome (though it is possible that you just cannot find any nearby track). I would recommend making a miner hat for effective night hunting.


    If you kill 8 tallbirds you may as well get their eggs which is good for 37.5 hunger when cooked, as a nonperishable food, and as a crock pot ingredients (Bacon and Eggs / Pierogi). There is usually 1~3 Tallbird nest on a map and tallbird respawn every 2.5 days. You won't get as many eggs if you repeatedly hunt from the same tallbird nest as often as you can, since it takes time for them to lay the egg.


    It cost 4 monster meat upfront to turn a pig into a werepig. Killing the werepig drops 2 meat and 1 pig skin. Since 1 monster meat and 3 ice = 1 meat ball which give 62.5 hunger, its probably not worth the trade hunger wise. However for the pig skin it may be worth the while. You can make football helmet out of it, which is a very good protective gear that allows you to carry a bag around.


    Volt goat is easy to kill at night while they asleep. However it takes awhile for them to reproduce so you probably won't be able to rely on volt goat hunting alone for all you needs.


    Mosling can be a good source of meat too if you know how to kill them safely by melee. Otherwise you can also kill them by laying some 30+ tooth traps or use fire dart/fire staff.


    If you want a large amount of meat within short period of time (e.g to mass produce fresh jerky for cave adventure), then hunting koalefant/ voltgoat / Mosling is probably the way to go. 


    If you have many players settled in the same camp, then you will probably need to gather form every possible food source anyway so it won't matter.

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    When enter the cave,i will be kick out ,and the main server log here:


    Same here. Happened to me after 27 character-days during which I've enter/exit the cave for many times. Then this one time when I enter the cave, the cave loaded but it looks like it has freezes and my character is missing. After a few second the disconnected message show up. 

    The server is still up and server information show that I have a character on the server. Try to rejoin the server the game will either disconnects, or show the same freeze screen describe above before disconnecting.


    Update: I try again and this time the cave is actually raining so its not freezes. My char is still missing but I can see the shadow of his.