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  1. I think I have finially meet my profile pic. Mind if I use it?
  2. If you kill the deers, klaus get about 75000 HP(1500 shadow meteors damage) for its first life, and then another 30k HP for second life (750~800 shadowmeteors).
  3. I have. It is hard to say if the dev will eventually put that assets into use thou. There were many example in the past that assets found in game files were left aside and never touch again.
  4. I don't really know what you guys have in mind for the term "late game", so I will just speak for myself. For me, late game means "chilling by the campfire, got nothing else to do". 1) Kill the giants and raid boss, done. 2) Build base, farms and automatized production, done. 3) Stock up piles and piles of resource, done. If there aren't anything else to do, I start a new save. Why? Because chilling by the campfire is boring. So from my point of view, any new stuff added to the game that are actually meaningful, that can delay the arrival of late game phase, is all that I needed. So far, pretty much everything they have added to the game during the ANG update has meet the requirement, except the No-Eyed deer. That thing is totally irrelevant to my gameplay as there is no reason at all for me to go after them. Toad, yea it is a good activity and I will do it again and again for as long as I am still missing afew blueprint. Mushroom planter, I don't find it very useful for the cost but I will make a few of those in my base. Bee queen, sure the hat is nice and it is pretty much the only renewable source of honeycomb so I will kill it as often as I can, get the comb and ditch the royal jelly.
  5. place an item right next to a minisign first.
  6. See this is where I don't really get it. Since when the game is ALL ABOUT "everything is out to kill you"? Lets get to wiki and have an overview on the list of mobs we have in the game: So just by looking at it, I can tell that the hounds, depthworm and the four giants, are the main mobs that are designed to spawn upon player's location and wreck player's base. Any other mobs, be it hostile neutral or friendly, you pretty much always have a choice to avoid fighting them entirely. Even the hounds the depthworms and the giants, you can ditch them somewhere in the wild or de-aggro them in some other way, and that will be it for you if you choose not to fight them. So really I don't know why some of you have this "everything is out to kill you"? concept in your mind. From my point of view, the game has always have a sense of balance in the design, in which rewards are given to players who choose to deal with challenges. And quite frankly the game is actually much harder if you choose to not fight some of the mobs in the game. Avoid killing any spiders alike at all and you limit your access to silk. Avoid killing any pigs and you dont get pig skin. There are challenges and rewards to be explored and you the player get prepared for whatever is out there that may kill you. That is how the game has always been. Sure if you aren't prepared, the cold the heat the hounds and the frog rain may kill you, if you are indeed that new to the game, but that is about it, really.
  7. No temp, for a short period of time ginger had a 3rd server. It use a different sets of world gen rules that makes the server "hardcore". Then not long ago Art rehost it again for about 2~3 weeks before it was taken away again.
  8. There should be an official preset, where dragonfly and toad will visit players base and won't de-spawn on its own. Hope it can make people happy.
  9. You have to ask these players. Do they play on public and avoid soloing DF, or do they play elsewhere and find DF too easy to solo.
  10. Funny how some people keep asking for challenge. Ginger host a hardcore server, noone play on it. Art host it again, still noone show up. DF can't be cheesed, noone go kite it on pub. DF can be cheesed, everyone rush to cheese it to death. I guess 99.99% players aren't really going for the challenge anyway.
  11. Looks like you cannot hammer a mini sign. You can use a deconstruction staff to do the job thou. Am I missing something?
  12. Exectly. Which is why we need a bit of everything in the game. So instead of keep rebalancing what is already up there, why not just move forward and make more content? Jelly beans 5HP/2s too OP? Make a new boss that will require that much of constant healthing. Dfly get cheesed to death? Leave that AI alone and go make a new boss that can't be cheese. Make ALL boss raid boss, make ALL boss kite only/ tank only, make All items useful, you make 1 group of players happy and many others sad.
  13. Boss that can be kited: Boring. Hit and dodge all the way again. Boss that can't be kited: Boring. Tanking all the way. Boss that can only be killed in teams: Boring. I play solo Boss that can be soloed: Boring. This is don't starve together. Pets that actually do something: Boring, it is too OP Pets that does absolutely nothing: Boring, it is useless. Items that are useful: Boring, it is too OP Items get nerfed: Boring, it is completely useless now. Pretty much sums up 99.99% of the feedback form players, whenever something new comes out. Please give me the old DF AI, the OP marble and jelly bean back. I think its more interesting that way.
  14. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    Sever crashed 5 times a day. The latest crash happened after the latest hot fix. Please fix asap. We need more DST. MORE DST PLEASE.
  15. He was telling you that:"If you have time to post a random comment, why not go update (something which he had not specifically point)" He wasn't saying it in anyway mean thou.
  16. Doesn't looks like that big of an update to me.
  17. Vote kick: 1) Many FPS game have vote kick. The "grief gang issue" doesn't happens a lot as far as I know. 2) Let the server host to decide whether to enable this vote kick or not. Vote Rollback: 1) Again, let the server host to decide. 2) If you have 50~100% players agree on a rollback and if it complies with server rule, I think a rollback is acceptable. Let the server host to decide in what situation a rollback is permitted.
  18. I am not sure if your argument stands since the decays can be prevented. I can also say that it is a book so it make sense to store it in chest or else it can be damaged over time laying on the ground in the wilderness of DST.
  19. Codex Umbra no longer decays when left on the ground. Books can now be used as fuel for Fire. These changes seems like a bad one to me. Before the update all that the player need to do is to keep the codex umbra in a chest to prevent it from decays. I don't think giving everyone the choice to burn Maxwell's book is a good idea.
  20. Not moded. Rev.179016 Glitched krampus become invincible and idle. It can be attacked but will not respond to the attacker. It can be frozen/unfrozen. I have a screen shot here
  21. Its not about companion storage. I rarely bring hutch/chester with me. I just like to have them siting in my base, like a pet. Think about how people will spent time getting glommer, put a beefalo/Koalefant in a pen. While there are benefits in doing it, it really isn't the benefits that drive people to do it.
  22. Am I the only one disappointed by this "fix"? Finding chester in cave is fun. It is like getting a krampus sack or getting both the Tam o' Shanter and Walrus Tusk on the first Mactusk kill. It makes you feels like winning a lottery.
  23. [Game Update] - 169365

    I just grow 200 + crops with normal seeds and not a single dragon fruit show up. Is this normal? Has anyone been able to grow a dragon fruit out of normal seed in the latest patch?
  24. The way I see it, is that hunger is usually not an issue. 1 meat plus 3 ice give a meatball which is good for 62.5 hunger. Also Ice last forever when stored in an ice box. I only hunt for meat when I need to make jerky or ham bat . There is 4 easy prey for meat hunting. Koalefant, tallbirds, werepigs and volt goat 2 koalefants kill in a day give 16 meats which is equivalent to 8 tallbirds / 8 werepigs / 5~6 volt Goat. Except that with the 2 koalefants you also get 2 trunks. Each trunk gives 40 health and 75 hunger when cooked. Its usually available all year around in all biome (though it is possible that you just cannot find any nearby track). I would recommend making a miner hat for effective night hunting. If you kill 8 tallbirds you may as well get their eggs which is good for 37.5 hunger when cooked, as a nonperishable food, and as a crock pot ingredients (Bacon and Eggs / Pierogi). There is usually 1~3 Tallbird nest on a map and tallbird respawn every 2.5 days. You won't get as many eggs if you repeatedly hunt from the same tallbird nest as often as you can, since it takes time for them to lay the egg. It cost 4 monster meat upfront to turn a pig into a werepig. Killing the werepig drops 2 meat and 1 pig skin. Since 1 monster meat and 3 ice = 1 meat ball which give 62.5 hunger, its probably not worth the trade hunger wise. However for the pig skin it may be worth the while. You can make football helmet out of it, which is a very good protective gear that allows you to carry a bag around. Volt goat is easy to kill at night while they asleep. However it takes awhile for them to reproduce so you probably won't be able to rely on volt goat hunting alone for all you needs. Mosling can be a good source of meat too if you know how to kill them safely by melee. Otherwise you can also kill them by laying some 30+ tooth traps or use fire dart/fire staff. If you want a large amount of meat within short period of time (e.g to mass produce fresh jerky for cave adventure), then hunting koalefant/ voltgoat / Mosling is probably the way to go. If you have many players settled in the same camp, then you will probably need to gather form every possible food source anyway so it won't matter.
  25. Playing Caves (beta)

    Yes I have.