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  1. My last run I have many krissure right in my base and none of them get glitched. I am not sure how this happen.
  2. This glitch is very similar to the usual krissures glitch where: "If the player dies near Krissures and uses a Touchstone, Life Giving Amulet, Meat Effigy or another method of resurrection, the Krissure will sometimes get stuck in the erupting state, but no longer allow the player to cook Food."- DS wiki. The issue here is that each time you exit/re-enter the volcano, some of the krissure may get stuck in the erupting state. So overtime you end up with a bunch of erupting krissure providing light all day long, yet you can't cook food on it.
  3. Another crash. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: dontstarve_steam.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 59c30ed0 Fault Module Name: dontstarve_steam.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 59c30ed0 Exception Code: 40000015 Exception Offset: 000885bc OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 6964 Additional Information 2: 69640b5a32519ce04c8fb33bc99af2f8 Additional Information 3: c651 Additional Information 4: c651c2b7b8216cfd6da16b60207d5f5 log.txt
  4. Another one of these crash. I uploaded the log. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: dontstarve_steam.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 59c30ed0 Fault Module Name: fmodex.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 51187c33 Exception Offset: 00024ea5 Exception Code: c0000409 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 10b1 Additional Information 2: 10b1ea861dc045c4495dce3877ac1786 Additional Information 3: 5fae Additional Information 4: 5fae9d001e369ba19bea27ec50e1118a log.txt
  5. Same here. Althou after awhile the glitch stopped, it is surly annoying while it last.
  6. In this 4th run, I am getting wave and wave of mixed land/water shark. May be the Fishermerm's littering the place with fish, and the hurricane season strong wind is the cause? 219740.rar
  7. Disable all mods then load the save, I will get a CTD. I don't have the save anymore. If it happens again I will back up the save and upload it. How to back up a save? Last time I upload a save to the forum for debug, the dev can't open it.
  8. Good to know. Thou whatever the cause, until this is fixed the game is pretty much unplayable for me.
  9. I have notice this ingame for awhile (I remember moment like this back when the game is still in early access). Checking the wiki page about food value, it looks like something is wrong about cooked fish food value? Is this intended? Edit: 1 monster meat + 1 meat + 2 cooked fish= meatball. So I guess the issue is cooked fish is missing the 0.5 meat value.
  10. The same crash again. This time it happened when I was trying to bomb the DF.
  11. Ok this is how to reproduce the crash: 1) Start the game, play as maxwell. 2) Wear a life giving amulet, get some 10+ obsidian coconades in your inventory and a torch. 3) Spawn in the sealnado. 4) Light as many obsidian coconades as you can, before the first one explodes. The very first obsidian conconade will kill you in 5 secs, but because you are wearing an amulet you will be resurrected soon after. Sealnado will then use his AOE attack and suck all the rest of the obsidian conconade (some are light and some aren't). The resulting explosion may or may not kill it. If it is still alive, repeat step 2~4. When Sealnado die the game crash. Edit: Looks like the game can crash even before Sealnado die to the obsidian coconade. In anycase, I have the crash recorded.
  12. Whatever is inside chester get duplicated too. It takes forever to get rid of these duplicated chesters and items. It happens even when I don't have the eyebone in my inventory. These duplicated has some really weird AI. Sometime they will head to the fish bone. Sometime they will follow me. Sometime they will head to the eyebone.
  13. As title suggested. Not sure if it is related to loading/unloading the area. At 0:06 you can see one of the trap on the bottom left corner has been triggered. Then at 0:23 the trap spawned a morsel on screen.
  14. May be the chemistry of the wobster's skin allow it to burn under water? I mean under water fire isn't totally impossible IRL from a chemistry point of view.
  15. I have a similer issue. Looks like they aren't respawning either. I have seen 1 ballphin travel all the way to the edge and disappeared into the fogs. May be they have gone somewhere far.
  16. Sometime I get very small hound wave too. Like in ROG world I get only 1 hound. Or in the SW world I only get 1 crocodog.
  17. Somehow the same glitch happened to my grass farm. about 1/5 of my grass withered even within ice flingomatic range. The ice flingomatic ignore the withered grass. I can fertilize the withered grass, after that it will remain withered for the rest of the summer, and cannot be fertilized again. In autumn the glitched grass recovered by itself
  18. Looks like the fertilized coffee plant didn't save correctly. Quit/enter cave, come back with a withered coffee plant.
  19. Um, I have similar experiences. Thou I am not sure if that was indeed what happened or I just wasn't paying attention to the warning.