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  1. 1) Start with Warly, drop a Chef Pouch. 2) Go though adventure mode. 3) Spawn as other character. Now the seemingly despawned chef pouch will still have a map icon. Pressing spacebar the chef pouch is actually still there, just that it has turn invisible.
  2. Non-Wagstaff player using the Telebrella/telipad = character get stuck. This is possible. 1) Start a game as wagstaff, place telipad and telebrella. 2) Finish adventure mode, spawn as other character (e.g Maxwell). 3) Pick up and use the telebrella 4) Now get stuck.
  3. Adventure Mode- King of Winter Warly can spawn way too close to the camp fire. As a result the chef pouch burn down before the player has a chance to pick it up.
  4. 1) Hit a moleworm with hammer 2) Pick it up. 3) save and exit. 4) load the save again. 5) drop the moleworm 6) wait for it to make a burrow 7) you can now press space bar to pickup that same moleworm when it is in it's tunneling movement.
  5. Not sure if this is a gameplay issue or a glitch but here it goes. 1) Build a drying rack indoor 2) Dry a piece of meat 3) Get outside and call in the rain (or it could have been the fog causing the issue here) 4) Get back into the house and take the jerky off the rack. The jerky will be wet, which it shouldn't be since there is no rain indoor.
  6. Not sure if the flower just die, or if it is a glitch related to loading? I know in DST flowers turn withered if is not plant near sun light. However in hamlet the flower just disappear and it seems so random.
  7. I waited for like 3 days during the Aporkalypse. Use c_countprefabs("ancient_herald") and it says count= 0? I thought it is suppose to spawn near the player soon after the aporkalypse started? Edit: Nvm I restarted the game and it spawned in like half a day.
  8. [Game Update] - 347667

    Still can't load my save.
  9. Missing aporkalapse calander

    I don't really know lol. May be it is indeed a world gen issue hahaha. if you upload your save file I will search for it. My crafting tab isn't blocking my screen as much and I can see the wall on the left side.
  10. 10+ days ago I uploaded a save via the "report bug" button. I cannot load the save as you can see in the warning screen. I just wana know if it is at all possible that in future update this save can come back to live again? Also is the cause of the save corruption under investigation/fixed? Tyvm.
  11. Just spawn a piko and a backpack, watch it do it's thing.
  12. Missing aporkalapse calander

    Did you check the south side of some of these rooms as well (marked in red)? Since the southern wall of a room is not shown in the game, you can only see some cracks on the floor which indicates where the cracked wall is.
  13. Sound disappeared

    Same here.
  14. [Game Update] - 345820

    It is some kind of sound audio shattering issue, which only happens after the update. With the moleworm, I was working on a moleworm farm. When say 10+ moleworms are tunneling I start getting audio shattering issue. With the Rabid Beetles, it happens when there are say 20+ of them chasing you deep in the forest. At first it is shattering, then lost of all audio including BGM music, weapon attack, getting hit and etc. Only gets better as bettles die and number reduced. Normally I would make a video to better explaining the issue, however since I am using on board graphic atm I am not sure I can record anything.
  15. [Game Update] - 345820

    Um... I am having some kind of sound issue here. Rabid Beetles and moleworm movement sound is broken.
  16. Opps. I just tested it on both DS and DST and you are right. I remember these numbers from way back when guano was introduced to the game. Did some tests back then to see how different they are. Which is why I have always save the rots for grass tuft(use to be 13 grass harvest per rot, now is 20, same as poop) and poop for berry bush. Things must have changed over the years.
  17. This is intended. The type of fertilizer used matters. Poop = 5 harvest, rot and rotten egg= 3 harvests, Guano= 7 or 8 (I forget which number is correct). Each time a globber jump into a berry bush it consume 1 harvest count. Natural spawned berry bush has unlimited counts of harvests hence is not affected by globber. Harvest your berry bush during the day if you find this issue annoying.
  18. BFB can land on wrong places

    Just now BFB's foot landed on top of me and killed me. Looks like if you are at the edge of the world, BFB may not have enough room to land at it's usual spot (which should be somewhere far away from the player).
  19. Control issue: unable to pick up items next to a set tooth trap using the "space bar" hotkeys. Started the game in Hamlet, then traveled to SW and come across this issue. Use to be able to just hold on to the "space bar" key to reset all traps and then pickup whatever drops there are. This is now broken. Holding "space bar" now reset all traps then just stand there and will not pickup anything. Release and press "space bar" again still won't pick up anything. Forced to pick up each item with a mouse click. Annoying as hell I must say:C.
  20. Edit: All 4 farms in the PIC are nutrients depleted. The one glowing slightly white for it is being examined.
  21. That is not the right jacket:C
  22. They base is perfectly fine when there are players around. But if we out somewhere far to unload the area, the area will be all burnt. No it is not a result of griefing.
  23. Couple of observed bugs

    Use spacebar to use the door in dark. Thou if there are grass/twigs nearby your character may go on collect those instead of using the door for exit.