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  1. If you are using the new version of DS then no mods are working, all of them are crashing the game. This should be amended next week, but in the meantime you can generate a new world with all mods disabled and then enable the mods back after your world is generated (unfortunately going into caves / ruins will still crash the game with mods).
  2. Craft Bear Prototype from the Structures tab.
  3. I have found out how this works. You need to craft the Bear Prototype under Structures tab and plant it before using the bear.
  4. How to make it work? When I press right mouse button nothing happens.
  5. Maybe, but I think that many people will use "the FPS mentality" - it's just a game, nobody will get hurt, so why not do it?
  6. That is actually a different issue. In Minecraft, I believe that if you kill the player they suffer some disadvantage (maybe they lose their progress, or inventory, idk, I haven't played Minecraft). So you can make some basic moral choices if you want to make some real person sad or not. But with cannibalism, the person has already died, so in the game, eating them or not will not be a moral choice.
  7. That is actually a very low penalty for cannibalism. It should decrease 100% of sanity and at least 95% of health. Or to make it more realistic, there should be a significant chance of getting a neurodegenerative prion disorder which will automatically kill you in 10-20 days. You are still arguing that this will bring some interesting moral choices. I cannot see how. Players don't use their real life morals when playing games, if they did, nobody sane will play FPS games. So the majority of players switch off their real life morality when playing a game (because they say it's just a game), therefore I really cannot agree with your point. I think the damage that the introduction of cannibalism to the game could cause outweighs any potential advantages. The ratings of the game will probably increase and many players will not buy the game which features cannibalism, or if they are children, their parents will not buy them DS. But since nobody from the developers has posted anything in this thread, I assume that they do not take this idea seriously (I hope).
  8. Exactly this shows that there is a difference between eating a human and eating an animal. If there was no difference, there will be no laws banning killing of humans (or there will also be laws banning eating of animals).
  9. If it wasn't different, then people will be eating other people in real life all the time. The fact that they are not doing it but they are eating e.g. chicken all the time shows that there is a difference.
  10. For example, bees in real life also have a queen, soldiers and villages (hives) but this still does not prevent people from killing them. Almost every real life animal species has a form of communication, even bacteria often have forms of communication (quorum sensing). It is impossible to think that a species does not communicate when it does not communicate in human language. For example, spiders in DS also communicate with each other, as all the spiders from a den will react when you attack one of them. It is very difficult to assess the intelligence of an animal, as the majority of criteria the people use are anthropocentric criteria. Yes, the pigmen are definitely semi-intelligent (Wickerbottom's examination quote), but many animals in DS may also be similarly intelligent, but the player just does not have a chance to see it. Eating pigmen in real life would be highly likely forbidden in some communities, but in DS, it does not cause any sanity or health problems. Cannibalism, on the other hand, can cause spread of lethal diseases and every empathetic person will certainly have ethical problems with cannibalism.
  11. Pigmen are much less articulate than characters, as they only have about 15 different phrases. Wolfgang, in comparison, has hundreds of phrases and he is not even speaking his native language. If you judge the intelligence of an animal just by the complexity of the phrase they can say, you can say that some parrots who learned to repeat complex phrases are more intelligent than some non-native speakers, which is not true.
  12. Kuru is a prion disease (for those without biology background prions are misfolded proteins that misfold other proteins they touch and these misfolded proteins keep spreading through the brain and disrupt brain function). Prion diseases are not spread through air (fortunately), but through direct consumption of the meat containing them. In New Guinean tribes this caused a chain reaction, as only one infected person was needed to infect large amount of the tribe. Wild rats are a common vector (carrier) of a vast variety of diseases.
  13. I don't find backpacks usable at all as I like having armor (or rain coat in the rain) on me at all times. I have died several times because something attacked me while not wearing armor, but backpack and there was no time to exchange backpack for armor so I decided not to use backpacks. Sometimes this means I have to make hard decisions about what to discard (they are sometimes extremely difficult especially if you find some relatively rare item in a boon).
  14. I think people are vastly overestimating amount of cannibalism in survival situations and are mostly inspired by books and films which overuse this concept. Even New Guinean tribes who traditionally performed cannibalism now banned it because of the spread of diseases like kuru. Apart from being unethical, cannibalism often leads to serious diseases. Many armies command their soldiers never to eat rats, not even when starving, as the risks are much bigger than potential benefits. It is not possible to assume that everybody will eat everything in survival situations. I wonder why nobody on these forums talks about health penalty for cannibalism. I hope that cannibalism will not be added but if it was added they should implement this mechanic to make it more realistic: if you decide to commit cannibalism, you will automatically die in 10-20 days from a neurodegenerative disease (like kuru). No cure will be available.
  15. I don't think that she is really considering suicide as a more reasonable option. When she examines the rope, she says: "That would be the easy way out of this place", so you see that she did not choose the "easy way out of that place" and still has a will to live. I actually think that Wendy is not that depressed given her circumstances. Bereaved people are usually more depressed, but they usually do not commit suicide.
  16. Everybody should understand that biological death is inevitable. Even in real life, not only in DS. Therefore your question sounds like: What is the point in living when death is inevitable. MMOG = Massively multiplayer online game MMORPG = Massively multiplayer online RPG
  17. I'm just putting off the inevitable - In my opinion means natural death, not suicide. MMORG - sorry, my typo - I meant MMORPG/MMOG.
  18. From my understanding, DST is not going to be a MMORG. Therefore I think the majority of players will play with they friends in order to avoid having complete trolls in their group. So I think there will not be much tension in this respect. Well, suicide is not a part of the game. It is only an exploitation of the game mechanics that some players use to get xp or nightmare fuel.
  19. As far as I know, Rust is no longer a zombie game (but I have never played Rust). But I once heard one reviewer to say that DS is essentially a storytelling game, as you can imagine everything you do as a story of your character. Although this may be controversial, I think that imagining a real act of cannibalism is not something that many physiological people would want to do during playing games. Moreover, do you really think that the characters in DS would commit an act of cannibalism? They seem to have very strong morals, even though these morals are very different from the morals of current society. Wigfrid for example would never eat vegetables, not even when starving. Therefore I think nobody (maybe except WX-78 and potentially Willow) would really become a cannibal. I cannot for example imagine Woodie, Wickerbottom or Wendy as cannibals. Furthermore, you do not drop meat when you die in singleplayer. If you also drop some meat when you die in singleplayer and you regenerate, you could become an autocannibal. I do not think many people would like to be autocannibals.
  20. If cannibalism is included, DS will be very similar to gory zombie games. I do not think people want DS to be another zombie game. Can you also imagine how many new players who will want to buy DS will not buy it when they find out about the cannibalism mechanic?
  21. Wigfrid is not even able to eat vegetables in order not to starve, so I would think that it would not be unrealistic if cannibalism was impossible in the game. By the way, if it was ever implemented (I hope it would not be - for ethical reasons and also without cannibalism the game will be harder and more Don't Starve-ish) there should be a significant health drop when eating player meat, as cannibalism is well known to promote spread of diseases like kuru and similar.
  22. Slower sanity loss is always useful. It is also excellent for caves or ruins.
  23. The post was likely written on a mobile phone and it is often quite difficult to edit your posts on tiny keyboards of some smartphones.