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  1. woho all the changes to the forums make my head spin :o

    1. ImDaMisterL


      You'll get used to them eventually :p

  2. Long live our lifes!

    1. Vivalavie


      i shoot for 104 yrs :D

  3. General Development

    Well, i m still around sometimes seems like there are still many subscribers and comments comming in on the workshop ^^
  4. Hello forumer I never talked with but is now back, welcome back!

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      Heh, welcome back then dude, I love your art!

    3. Vivalavie


      dudette! lol thanks :D

    4. ImDaMisterL


      Aye, my mistake xP

      Sorry, heh!

  5. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    I d love that I await u and ur new skillset! just painting over some of the stuff for portfolio reasons, but i ll always find time to slowly make progress on this in the future
  6. Bugzilla

    Thank you, now I feel really bad about not fixing the forts animations Finishing all the artworks (lots of things, some more complexe and time consuming) that go into the mod has priority over redoing stuff i guess, but i wouldnt mind giving those huts some love afterwards they arnt really outdated, the artists just had problems with matching the look of the lineart of dont starve, even after 8 months or so i dont feel like i can reproduce the original look, just went there and made something as similar as possible
  7. Bugzilla

    I made a lot of HD ones (also a new wooden one), they arent in yet i guess
  8. Bugzilla

    did we use placeholders for those or is my stuff already in?
  9. Suggestions

    I guess when the leather robes/ hats are done the wizard will get one as starting equip Sweet someone took the time to comment in such a manner to our mod!
  10. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    when u ever have to cut characters or items from background use feather function on the magic wand tool or whatever u use just a tiny bit better. but ur work on the wiki is just superbe !!
  11. Suggestions

    Where would u like to slap those on ?? scrolls or just for the wiki? i found this, the tiny red ones seem to be the mini-icons for schools
  12. Secrets [sneak peek pics]

    got the same, seems easy that way yup, but i must admit that i m used to capacity for 1-2 weeks with the current projects
  13. Secrets [sneak peek pics]

    i think a dropped image of all the stuff is needed anyways, pretty much forgot about it when i did the weapons, but an extra img for all of them on forge is just super eyecandy category