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  1. Mods have ruined this game for me....

    I avoid mods that change the gameplay significantly. I only use minimap, map icons, etc... nothing that makes me tougher or stronger etc
  2. So he thinks they got charlie and goes in after her on a one way journey such fits the sad
  3. Multiplayer = Multiproblems

    You guys have some really insane ideas about how this is going to work. Stop thinking Minecraft and start thinking Left4Dead.
  4. What do you think about Wigfrid?

    However her disadvantage also means that for a long time you will be tied to the location of the crock pot. Placement of your base is best done once the map is edged.
  5. Mysterious notes?

    To make a portal to the world of Maxwell, Wilson had to do a bunch of weird stuff. Maybe he is trying to find the analogs in the Maxwell world that can allow him to build that world's version of a portal. Maybe that's the problem with inter-dimensional travel: The machine you build to target a particular world is specific to that world and the origin world. It has to be re-engineered every trip?
  6. Mysterious notes?

    Maybe the real purpose of Maxwell bringing Wilson into his world was because he believed that eventually he would figure out how to build a portal back out. Maxwell was trapped too, after all.
  7. Mysterious notes?

    DARKNESS - maybe it's a way to beat Charlie?
  8. Mysterious notes?

    50 (13, -7)