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  1. good job cant wait to see this mod or even test it even if it does out my game at risk but might I ask who is that chachter in willfeind animations fighting necromancer/willfeind it looked a lot like you avatar and I mean ALOT.
  2. OMG THIS IS THE BEST MOD EVA! sry for caps it just saves me a lot of time instead of place it down have to go somewhere hammer kill a bunch of animals like a lot of animals krampus comes in steals my stuff because one of the walls were down and im scwered once again but now for this mod I don't have to worry about krampus being a ***** anymore YAY!
  3. its a good mod also can you just plz stop with the disapprove and worst mod ever + its just a mod you have a choice of downloading it or just leave it be
  4. nice mod I forget the name of the show as a younger kid I tought the show was a stupid and odd but now its sorta cool also if shes grim why does she have pink on her clothes and like a flower its just so odd to me
  5. you should make it so that you start to look a little bit more crazy and things start to look creepy like bloody like somethings have faces but anyway cool mod bro this is what it should have been like as in you loose health like killing yourself anyway cool mod.
  6. yay im gonna have to test this out because i sorta am brain dead at the moment / bored out of my mind.
  7. Welp some times a ****** freind can ruin youre whole day by punching you in the nuts with an umbrella

  8. fak they took down the download now how am i gonna screw with space and TIME!
  9. You Should Proably Come up The Recipes for The New Crockpot Recipes From RoG
  10. ya ya i know but i want to see like sorta all the unimplemted chahcters add (sorry for typo) because they look sooo cool
  11. yaa but hey arent you pumped for it they might add wilbur maybe because dont starve RoG sorta to me was Beta Revival Time.