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  1. Version TU-211867 The game freezes after prolonged game play, saving the game and exiting and reentering resets the freezing for a short time, I have however played (and endured) the freezing long enough to pinpoint when the game freezes. This happens (at least in my game) at the moment a seed is uprooted, or a plant is harvested on it's last harvest (to be replanted) mostly in planter boxes but happens to wild grown plants occasionally. I'm not sure if the save would help as it does reset when you exit the game, but I have reproduced it successfully multiple times.
  2. It appears the massage beds become unusable randomly, restarting will reset the bed to be usable for the first dupe that uses it, it will then return to unusable. Deconstructing and reconstructing it is the only way to fix this bug. I have not been able to duplicate it as it seems to happen to random tables.
  3. Cheerio, Thanks for the feedback, I added an algae deoxidizer between two new batteries and that did help with the overheating. Just never had the oxygen level matter that much in the last patches... guess it's time to go back to school for thermodynamics lol.
  4. I haven't gotten far enough for a super computer yet, too busy deconstructing, building, and repairing batteries. Since the thermal upgrade I have never had a problem with the little batteries in the ice biome no matter the air quality, until this last patch. It's hard to get a good air quality and flow when your dupes do nothing but repair overheated batteries.
  5. The problem is... if they are getting their water from a little puddle, they are only carrying on average 1kg of water per trip. The algae terrarium uses more than that by the time they come back with their next drop. The dupes will prioritize the little puddles or small water sources over the large ones, this can be helpful for cleaning up your base, but also can cause complete colony loss if every dupe is pulling water out of a small puddle (when there is a larger one available) and doing NOTHING else.
  6. My save files The Rosy Utopia.sav
  7. This wasn't an issue until the most recent update...TU-211197, but my small batteries are overheating within 2 cycle even though I have them built in a snow biome, near 2 wheezeworts and the only power draw from them is two lights and the novice research center. It started too early in the game to have any technology to even combat them overheating, I had to deconstruct and reconstruct them since the dupes are wasting all my start of the game metal repairing them. As you can see they are vented, and not put right next to each other but the temperature continues to rise.
  8. I have this same problem, mostly with high watt wires, but have had it happen with pipes too. I have to redraw what I want built sometimes several times to get it to register it seems. It is also random as a section on a long line of wire may glitch out like this although everything around it gets built just fine. I have yelled at a few dupes for not building my wiring before realizing only an outline is there not a build order. I now check every line I run to make sure it is qued to build.
  9. The reloading the storage unit's loop comes from the fact that when liquidables start to melt they fall out of the storage bin, the dupes will then spend the rest of eternity trying to put them back in as they immediately jump back out. Only fixes I have found is possibly lowering the priority on these boxes to one (sometimes works) or just deconstructing the boxes or deselecting it's ability to hold ice, snow, polluted ice.
  10. Isn't the fun of the puzzle just in the effort put into solving it?...Why is everyone expecting that carrot on the end of the stick.
  11. Although I come from a background of MMO's I prefer games like this single player, I play Minecraft, Starbound, D3 all single player, I will reserve judgement on multiplayer to see what it holds. Most likely, unless I find a "good" group of multiplayer people, I would stick to single player. The group makes all the difference.