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  1. I can't pick up Cactus anymore when I enable this mod. please update if for RoG
  2. soo, the food will never spoil.....ever?
  3. JTD


    I crafted the the knight. It doesn't follow me
  4. Haha, The immigrants try to kill me when i activate the wulfie+ mod
  5. The immigrants attack me too. lol
  6. I have 19 xp and 30 more xp to level up.. when I save and re load the my game.. I still have +19 exp..
  7. Okay!! I got the baby yamcha.. is that the phoenix?? as for the exp. I don't have any issues.. I alread have the first phase..
  8. I did.. but he won't hatch All he does in the morning is shed it's shell..
  9. It doesn't work with RPG MOD!! please update!
  10. JTD


    do you need to craft to make summons?