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  1. Thanks a lot for your time and help @Ultroman that make +9999 of sense, didn't thought in that one. You are so right, thanksss and same for the ("cause~="siestahut" and cause~="bedroll"") thing =) *cheers* ------ I still have curiosity if someone knows about that: SOLVED!!! I was checking if I could access inside a AddClassPostConstruct function, so self.inst.HUD.controls returns nil. But then I tried in a function that would run after a time since the game started. And now self.inst.HUD.controls EXIST! so now i can access to the healthbadge widget via the player inst with self.inst.HUD.controls.status.heart \(^.^)/
  2. Kinda noob on the modding thing sry. I dont know how to do that At the start of making this mod I added a component who keep track of the healing process, but since the widget need to keep track of the healing process to update the heal animation, it make me feel like the code was redundant, so i removed the component and here we are x)
  3. The mod is working fine ( I think xD), I found one alternative that is using Events modmain.lua (Line 14): self.inst:PushEvent("AddHpToRegen", amount) modmain.lua (Line 29) inside healthbadge using AddClassPostConstruct: ...ListenForEvent("AddHpToRegen"... But I still want to learn how to access without events, "directly", if it is even posible >.< Something like: modmain.lua (Line 14): -- self.inst:PushEvent("AddHpToRegen", amount) self.inst.HUD.controls.healthbadge.HpReg.FunctionToDoTheThings()
  4. Thanks for the help guys and sorry for my clumsiness Couldn't find anything that help me out I'am on the clien-side(I think >.<) and inst.HUD does exist but inst.HUD.controls doesn't I can do it with components, for example to access to the health component: I just want to do the same thing but for a widget instead (healthbadge one, in this case)
  5. I would like to access the "healthbadge" widget via the player inst.Is this possible? I found this old post but: inst.HUD.controls returns nil
  6. Version 1.01


    Steam Workshop for info
  7. Can I use "fa_druid_bookbackground.tex" for a mod in beta?
  8. Worked fine to me. I had to change the line 51 in "modmain.lua" (Mandrake Soup): GLOBAL.Recipe("mandrakesoup", {Ingredient("twigs", 1)} , RECIPETABS.RECIPEBOOK, {SCIENCE=0})for: GLOBAL.Recipe("mandrakesoup", {Ingredient("twigs", 1) ,Ingredient("mandrake", 1)} , RECIPETABS.RECIPEBOOK, {SCIENCE=0})I think that you forgot "Ingredient("mandrake", 1), "