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  1. The new files suggests the boat can be burnt? Try setting it alight? Or perhaps this is something which we'll see later...
  2. Personally I think that the "BAM! SURVIVE!" aspect is what makes don't starve so fun though. You slowly learn from every death, being clueless is fun. However, you're right, you don't get this in multiplayer because no one trusts you to do anything, you're sheltered from the danger. That die-learn die-learn way of playing isn't an option here because you can't just start again, everyone suffers because of the ghost debuff. It definitely needs addressing.
  3. This is so true! Think you're on to something there, I think someone else mentioned letting them create their own outposts at key locations. Gives them something to feel proud of rather than just collecting resources for the experienced people to deal with.
  4. I like the idea of giving them an official role instead of just some jobs. Far more encouraging
  5. Seems like all the fun jobs are off limits at fear of them dying and all the monotonous jobs are the ones they'd otherwise get stuck with
  6. Can't imagine them being too happy to always be on basic resource gathering duty, but it's got to be more fun than standing round a fire all day surely!
  7. Usually what happens, but it isn't sustainable. Especially when you've got three people doing that, all eating their share, food runs out fast and none of them are really bringing a substantial amount back in.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing with all people whether they've got 1 hour played or 1000 hours played and am always happy to explain a couple things to those who ask. However after around 10, 15 days on a public survival server after a base has been established, a lot of inexperienced players tend to just start hovering around the fire pit just leeching supplies not really knowing what to do. They want to help I'm sure but they've probably been scared off in the past by some nob shouting at them "DONT MAKE JAM IDIOT" or "WHY DID YOU PICK THE BEEBOX FLOWERS YOU NOOB" and god knows what else. I personally try to give them some jobs to do like catch some rabbits or make a berry bush farm say. But even then it feels like I'm giving chores out. TL;DR What are some fun and useful jobs to occupy even the newest of players so they don't stand around base all day doing nothing?
  9. I'm all for modding, but I don't think something as game breaking as no permadeath should be as easily available in the vanilla game as a big button saying "click here to never have to worry about dying again". Look at this thread for instance: People DO lack self control and people WILL ruin their gaming experience completely unaware that they are even doing so. ---EDIT--- The option wasn't here in the first place.. this would be an addition to the game not a limitation.
  10. Of coarse it should, and having an option to have it turned off or on is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Permadeath IS don't starve. Giving people an option to have it turned off may sound desirable at first, but I know for a fact if I've had an option to just respawn every time I died I would not be still playing this game to this day. The game is just so much more rewarding and intense when you know all your effort is at constant risk of being lost, players would be unwittingly limiting their Don't Starve experience with such a feature...
  11. What do you mean? The gameplay doesn't define whether a game is single player or multi-player, the amount of people playing the game does.
  12. You're just repeating yourself, If you read before I said why not make it vicinity based, its not a perfect solution. But I'd rather that than this game becoming cull simultator 2014
  13. Hmm, I can't see it being too difficult to coordinate ~4 people in all fairness, we're all after the same goal after all: To Survive. But I see your point how some people may run off and do their own thing but at times when people are in fact working together, which I imagine will be most of the time, then everything instantly becomes a breeze to kill, caution & careful planning is no longer necessary, you can just zerg the entire game.
  14. What do you mean? Are you trying to say adding a new player to a game is going to be no more useful than recruiting a pig? And there's something less rewarding with slaughtering spider den after spider den with ease in comparison to the more fun and satisfying method of setting up traps. At least that way spiderdens aren't a joke.
  15. I don't mean to be rude, but I couldn't get a solid point from that text.