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  1. Something that wasn't mentioned in the Items, Straw Hats now deteriorate like all other clothing when worn.
  2. I've not looked into doing my own modding but if you got the time please give it a shot
  3. You can't feed birds in your inventory similar to refuelling a lamp.. Taking a bird out of its cage won't make a difference whatsoever, it will still rot to its demise in your inventory as it would after a day and a half, just like it does in its cage, therefore whoever made the comment of "Just feed it", you've clearly not tested this out yourself.
  4. If you can do that similar to how to refuel the lantern, fair enough, I'll have to try it out next time I bother to capture a bird.
  5. It will still die from starvation in your inventory...
  6. I did the bird check like someone suggested, my birds hardly last a single day cycle, its just silly.
  7. I have an update bar?

  8. Bird Cages just make Monster Meat edible by converting it into Eggs, or converting Spoilt Food into Eggs, so they are obviously useful. The seeds trade-off though is a fantastic solution. Whilst you are out travelling you will find more seeds anyway, and you can still replenish them by manually feeding the bird. I think that is the problem solved completely, Bird Cages are built for the same amount of materials with a fillable dispenser attached, the Dispenser can hold up to 40 seeds as a stack. Birds will eat the Seeds once every morning and once every dawn, and sleep at night, that effectively means you can leave your camp for 20 days without your bird dying, plus the additional two day starve period that people have mentioned/estimated. To compensate, seeds eaten from the Dispenser will not be reproduced as Droppings of Seeds to pick up, resulting in you having to collect more seeds when you're out, or spending time multiplying your remaining seeds by manually feeding the bird.
  9. This is also true, but you shouldn't need to really, and if your trap runs out and you're struggling to find more silk, you have a new problem on your hands.
  10. Regardless of its concept, its something that should be done and I hope will be.
  11. New Suggestion/Idea Why not make an Item similar to the Ice Flingomatic? Made from Gears, Elec Doodads, Seeds and Papyrus. You fill it with seeds and every morning of a new day it hurls seeds right at the cage for the Bird to eat, if they are multiple it does the same but to several Birds, and as you all mentioned to what I already know, it makes seeds renewable, so when you do return after so many days away. You can return to your alive and well birds, (considering you weren't gone to long and the seeds ran out,) and gather the droppings around the cage to refill the machine. This will keep the birds going, and you can still feed them Monster Meat in return for Eggs whenever you please. I name this Contraption, The Aero Feeder.
  12. I'm making way too many posts now that I've joined today, but its rather enjoyable and hopefully suggestions people love and would like adding, ahem, anyway read below. A slight problem I currently face in Don't Starve is the Starvation of Captured Animals, particularly Birds, although this also applies to Rabbits and Moleworms somewhat. (Although they can't be kept, they still "rot" in your pockets. Although releasing them into a Pen with no Food Source won't kill them.) I appreciate the change as it makes the game more "correct" and challenging, (as if a Bird could just sit there and never die hey?), however, I have no idea how long the bird can survive without food, so when I take a long trip out exploring or gathering materials, I return with a random feather next my cage and the impression that something is missing. My request is a Hunger Meter for Bird Cages when hovered over with by the mouse. This will allow me to get an understanding of when I need to feed the bird to keep it alive, and how much time I can spend away from camp if I want it to still be there when I return. Anyhow, thanks for reading, Kruze.