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  1. Dupes Exp Gain Bugged

    Ok, so learning doesn't contribute to faster job mastery, thanks for clearing that up. However, when you hover over interests when making a new game, it specifically says "This duplicant enjoys performing _____ jobs and will master them 50% faster". If interests let dupes be twice as fast as jobs this should be reworded because the current wording suggests that dupes get 100% job mastery faster with an interest in that job path.
  2. My 13 Learning dupe with an interest in supply is taking the same amount of time learning the exosuit engineer job compared to a 1 Learning no interest dupe. Also, how are the mechanics of job exp calculated? When I was learning the research path, my dupe seemed to not gain exp when on a massage table and seemed to gain more exp when doing research at the super computer. This made me think that making a dupe do a task associated with their job would make them level faster. But, locking in a dupe and making them make build deliveries does not give them more exp in the supply job path.
  3. This save file always crashes once the rocket returns. I've tried loading to a point before I launch the rocket and it still crashes upon returning. ONI rocket crash.sav
  4. Extreme Lag

    I have submitted a bug report on the client. I forgot to mention which slot, but there is only one hamlet save.
  5. I'm on day 45. I had set Temperate season duration to Long, so I've just started Hay Fever season. I logged out yesterday and when I tried to load today, I get unplayable lag. I'm talking fractions of frames per second around 1 frame every 3 seconds. This keeps happening no matter how many times I try to reload and a new hamlet game works fine without lag.
  6. Accidently posted this to regular Don't starve so the formatting might look weird as i copy pasted. Lost a 35 day save Bug Submission [Crash and Gameplay] Steam No mods Describe your issue After fighting the Womant Queen, I think I was moving and somehow got stuck in her lair on the right side. It was almost like I was inside of the walls of the lair and I could not move while a nightmare terror finished me off (did not think of getting a screenshot atm). I respawned from the Flower and prompted saved and exited. Trying to load the game gave me the attached error.
  7. I know someone mentioned a problem with rockets coming back with missing parts, my issue may be connected with that I'm not sure. My current game always crashes upon my rocket returning. I've read that can be solved by returning to a save point where you had not loaded while the rocket was away. Does this update fix my issue? And do you still need to avoid loading while the rocket is away?
  8. I have several issues with the poll. First of all, why does it start at 0-15, how are infants supposed to play the game unless they're possessed by ghost @_@. Second of all, the ages should have been grouped by puberty and then young adult. So 11-16 and then 17-25. I take offense to being grouped with 35 year old just cause i'm 23 >_>.Well i didn't read the previous posts looks like other people are annoyed by it too XD.
  9. The first 2 are a bit random. But, I like the last one. Once they come in multiples you'll be forced to use other methods than spear and armor. Possibly pan flute/sleep dart + gunpowder, massive hound trap ring, ice staff. It's just good that it breaks the monotony of the spear and armor style that most end game players can use to deal with everything the game has right now.
  10. Little too small for a main base, but maybe it can be a summer getaway or something. Pretty sure hounds spawn off the screen during hound attacks, so not sure what'll happen. My guess is that if you stand in the center of the island most of the hounds will spawn on the mainland
  11. Mistakes I've Made

    206 - WX-78 - bunnymen 267 - Wilson - bunnymen 268 - Wilson - bunnymen Getting caught on an edge while bunnymen chase you @_@. 3 out of my top 5 days survived are from these bunnymen.
  12. More sanity stuff.

    But dem sounds...so creepy...
  13. What about just lots of fuel an endothermic fire pit and an umbrella/eyebrella. Would be like winter basically your umbrella is your thermal stone.
  14. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    It's actually really annoying too during summer at night time. My alchemy engine and a few chest full of items got toasted while i panicked trying to not overheat, not die to Charlie, and extinguish the fires at the same time.