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  1. When I have a gift waiting to be opened, every time I open tab menu or inventory (even when nowhere near a science machine) I am getting the sound effect for gift opening.
  2. Equipping

    Same with me, I'm unable to equip items at all. Tried both way, nothing works.
  3. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Help! I'm a noob when it comes to computer gaming.. :/ I'm trying to download but unsure how to do it with a .rar file. I'm on a Mac and usually just move the downloaded folder to my mods folder. I can't do that here. I'm sure it's something simple and I've tried looking online but no luck. I just want to play!! ;( Please help if you can, I will continue reading the comments in hopes of finding an answer. I also need help downloading from Steam Workshop. I have subscribed to a few mods but don't see them in the mods section of the game.