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  1. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    I think that wouldn't work. After some time, everybody would be very weak and they couldn't get their strenght back. But I think that temporary 10% loss wouldn't be so bad
  2. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    I think lower health, hunger and sanity as a penalty would serve just fine. Meat effigies and Touch stones would be player - based, and they would have advantage, as not deleting your items (just dropping them instead), not deleting your map and not inculding the respawn penalty. But still though, I don't know any of the coding so I don't even know if is this possible
  3. So I've tried to help a little, and I wrote down every creature in the game. If I forgot something, let me know Ancient Guardian Batilisks - ☑ [TEXT only] Beargers Bees - ☑ Beefalos ☑ Birchnutters Birds (Crow, Redbirds, Snowbirds) - ☑ (Crow only) Bunnymen (+Beardlord) - ☑ [TEXT only] Butterflies Buzzards Catcoons Charlie (Night Monster) Chester - ☑ Clockworks (Bishop, Knight, Rook) - ☑ [TEXT only] (ROOK only) Deerclops - ☑ Depths Worms DragonFlies Eels Fireflies Fishes Frogs Ghosts Gobblers - ☑ Hounds (Normal, Red, Blue) Koalefants (Normal, Winter) Krampus - ☑ [TEXT only] Lureplants (+ Eyeplants) MacTusks (+ WeeTusks) Mandrakes Merms - ☑ Moleworms Mosquitos - ☑ [TEXT only] Goose - Moose Pengulls - ☑ [TEXT only] Pigs (Normal, Guardian, Werepig, King) - ☑ (Without Guardian pigs) Rabbits (+Beardlings) Rock Lobsters Shadow Creatures (Crawling Horror, Terrorbeak, etc.) - ☑ [TEXT only] (without Mr.Skits, Shadow Watcher, Night Hand) Slurpers - ☑ [TEXT only] Slurtles Spiders (Normal, Warriors, Cave, Spitter, Depth Dwellers) - ☑ (Only normal type) Splumonkey (+Shadow Splumonkey) Tallbird (+Smallbird) - ☑ Tentacle (+Baby Tentacle) Treeguards (Normal + Birchnuts) Volt Goat Wargs Werebeaver - ☑ [TEXT only] I hope we'll ever see this project completed, but who knows
  4. Oh my god. Oh my fricking god, this is absolutely amazing. I love these so far, definetly going to print them out and make a book of them. But I was just wondering.. Could you please make a wide version of this cover, so it will fit with the pages? If would be very thankful! Keep the amazing job going! EDIT: Will you be doing kinda "everything" (description of trees, iberry bushes, items.. you know what I mean I hope) or you'll stick just with the animals and monsters? SECOND EDIT: Oh, and will you be doing DLC stuff too?
  5. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    I just thought of Mandrakes.. How will they work? You know, if you cook or eat one, part of the day skips. So how will that work for other players? I think it will be annoying, other players "skipping my day". Or this feature won't be implemented at all? The second thing, maps. I thought of three possible options: 1) Every player will have their map, functioning like in single player 2) Everybody can see other players, and are they discovered 3) Everybody can see other players, but just area they discovered by themselfs Your thoughts on this?
  6. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Thanks for the tips, definetly going to try them out!
  7. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    I don't know if it's just me, but almost every time (7 out of 10 times) when I chop down a birch tree, 2-3 other birch trees in the area turns evil, and they kill me immediately with purple birch-like minions, so it's almost impossible to get the birch nuts.. Any ideas how to prevent this?
  8. Don't Starve Comics

    Well, you surely got an amazing talent. Keep it up!
  9. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    Oh my god, I was so amazed by this tread that I created an account just to write this thing. I'm super hyped to see what will this mod turn into, if you will keep up the work (you did amazing job so far by the way), I think we will have pretty amazing, FUNCTIONAL multiplayer mod! I'm looking forward to this. I wish I could help, but I don't know any of the coding. Keep it up! I'm sorry for my english though, I hope you will get what I mean