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  1. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    Worth noting that purple gems are worth twice as much as its components, making it possible to cheat the system by turning purple gems into blue and red gems then making twice as many purple gems each time. edit: After playing some more I've noticed that stone walls also are worth more than the sum of its parts.
  2. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    The game crashes if I try to make a blueprint of an item that doesn't stack.(Guardians horn, beefalo horn etc.)
  3. RPG Mod

    Don't think i can send pms. Here's the link: Also i looked at the file and saw the lines: ..\source\animlib\animmanager.cpp(401) :: Tried to add build [swap_blowdart] from file [anim/] but we've already added a build with that name! at the bottom. Perhaps the cause?
  4. RPG Mod

    Sorry what i meant was that I'd already changed the api version to 4 in the modinfo document. Thanks for quick replies btw
  5. RPG Mod

    It's already at 4 so that doesn't work for me. Thought that was for if you didn't have DLC? Also worth noting that it crashes the game with no error if i try activating it and load a save. Any other ideas are appreciated, thank you. edit: just tryed an older version of the mod to no avail as well
  6. RPG Mod

    Even by itself this mod crashes when i generate a new world with it on. Do i need to have the DLC? I'm using standalone version by the way.