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  1. To the only guys that contributed something non retarded... No, you can't edit your world once you are playing, if you forgot to disable ONE of the 10 game breaking mechanisms, your game is pretty much already deleted... Also... Before the DLC i usually never died, sometimes close, but i can't even remember when i actually lost my game to... something that is NOT "suicide to get new patch content". With the DLC and nothing disabled, i can't survive 20 days... so much for ANY comparing of those two... It's not harder, it's just unplayable. There is nothing you can do against the bosses or the heat. Bosses just charge you, even if you don't do anything to anger them, and the heat can't be countered properly because the ice flingers are complete ****... Also... whoever drew the endothermic firepit... it gives me eye cancer... seriously, is there a part missing? Looks like some kind of optical illusion... it's kina a circle on the floor, like a firepit... but when you look closer, it's not round and not flat on the ground... wtf?
  2. Why the **** do they sell this for money if it's a beta test? What a rip off. Sad how selling unfinished garbage has become a thing. ******* scammers
  3. Wow... even the forum sucks and once your comment is sent, you cant edit it anymore... WHY is everything here so ****? Did the original programmers sell this to some idiots? Can't even make a damn forum work... let alone even a game... whoever has control over the games development now... YOU SUCK, and you should be ashamed of yourself for taking a game like don't starve and shitting all over it.
  4. I am very disappointed with this DLC. Why do make people on the workshop make MUCH better things for free, then the actuall programmers, do for money? There is not a SINGLE good new thing in the DLC. - The bosses are completely idiotic and broken, you have to disable them to actually play the game. Died 5 times to the idiotic badger, he just spawns next to you, and starts chasing you until you are dead on day 10. - Summer is just stupid, now you can't just "play the game" anymore, now you have to deal with those dumb "season mechanics" that kept you in your base at winter... ALL THE TIME!!! - Extinguishing fire makes the "smoldering" thing explode and burn down your base. - Ice flingers miss fire, had FIVE flingers, and my base burnt down... - EVERYTIME i mow down one of those new trees, about 50% of the surrounding trees turn into guardians, i NEVER got a single tree without spawning about 5 or more guardians... WTF??? Good job completely ruining the whole game with annoying and uninspired mechanics. "Hey, what new thing could we add?" "Uuuuh.. i dont know... how about the winter thing we already have?" "But... we already have that..." "Yea, but now... we will make it... BACKWARDS!" "GEEEENIUS!!!" "We also should add sudden combustion of the entire base!" "Oh... stop it! You are making me so %ยง&$!!!" Really sad how a bunch of kids on the workshop come up with better things... Pathetic...