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  1. Wilson's House & Wilson's House With Light

    you mean the luafile? modinfo? -- This information tells other players more about the mod name = "Wilson's House With Light"description = "My Very Own Mud Hut With Light"author = "Afro1967"version = "1.0" -- This is the URL name of the mod's thread on the forum; the part after the ? and before the first & in the URL-- Example:--!-- becomes-- 19505-Modders-Your-new-friend-at-Klei!forumthread = "19505-Modders-Your-new-friend-at-Klei!" -- This lets other players know if your mod is out of date, update it to match the current version in the gameapi_version = 4 icon_atlas = "wilson_house_light.xml"icon = "wilson_house_light.tex" this one right? is this correct?
  2. Wilson's House & Wilson's House With Light

    i cant make it work, it crashed for me, is this compatible with MOD_API_VERSION = 4