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  1. 17 days to make an update, small bug fixes and no actual new content.... great
  2. I am Going to publish a Giants Section to my ROG guide should be great.

  3. Autumn Giant was pretty easy for me, i was away from my base but i had a spear and log suit when he spawned , I sort of let him charge around for a while until he glitched and charged a corner and kept doing it, i tried to get in there and kill him but it damaged me so he stopped after a little bit and began to swipe at me trying to damage me but i just kited him, 2 attacks then run back, when he slams the ground you cant get 2 attacks before getting hit, the slam of the ground doesn't damage you but can cause you to drop your spear, i think the ground slam is designed to destroy your stuff. But yeah just 2 attacks then run away, and whenever your not sure about when you can attack just bait out a strike by walking into attack range, then running out again