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  1. Wisteria the Herbalist (BETA)

    Beautiful Mod Really! She Has Such Great Traits That I Can Agree The Fans Of Your Mod Adore, I Personally Love Her Creative Art-style And Unique Back Story. I Have Made A Few Suggestions For Your Mod: 1) Wisteria Can Craft Herbalist Poisons With Dark Flowers That Neutral Mobs Eat! (Like Rabbits Get Attracted To Carrots) 2) Wisteria Can Befriend Beefalos (Like Pigmen) And They Aid Her In Battle! 3) Wisteria Starts Off With A Decent Amount Of Flowers, Grass And Twigs! 4) Foods That Use Natural Resources (Grown Food) Give Wisteria A Health Bonus These Are All The Things I Have Complied So Far Please, It Would Be Much Appreciated For You To Let Me Know What You Think!