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  1. You need to add this: function spicepackpostinit(inst) if inst.components.container ~= nil then inst.components.container:WidgetSetup("backpack") end end AddPrefabPostInit("spicepack", spicepackpostinit) That should fix it.
  2. Seems like everything works. There's no additional light on spawn. Keep in mind that when a character spawns at night the game sets a light for about half a Don't Starve day so that you don't immediately die when joining at night.
  3. Honestly, I don't know. I just made a new swap_hatbrell2.scml with your image and it worked. At least you know it was an error with the .scml file and not with the script.
  4. There, apparently, was an error in the .scml file, as expected. Here, use this folder in exported instead of yours: swap_hatbrella2.rar
  5. Can't you just upload the folder here? On mediafire you need a premium account to bulk download.
  6. Or just put: local TUNING = GLOBAL.TUNING -- ;)
  7. The method I used in my example has to be put in the modmain.lua. If you want to put it in a characters prefab file use this: local function CountDays(inst, iscaveday) if iscaveday then days = days + 1 end print(days) if days >= math.random(6, 7) then GLOBAL.TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:ClearRevealedAreas() days = 0 end end local function OnInit(inst) local days = 0 inst:WatchWorldState("iscaveday", CountDays) CountDays(inst, GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.iscaveday) end inst:DoTaskInTime(0, OnInit)
  8. AddPrefabPostInit("wilson", function(inst) -- I used wilsons prefab file you can just put the functions in your characters file local days = 0 -- Setting the amount of days local function CountDays(inst, iscaveday) -- Counting the days function if iscaveday then -- Checking if it's day days = days + 1 -- Adding to the amount of days end print(days) -- Just checking the amount of days, you can delete it if days >= math.random(6, 7) then -- Simple if statement to check the amount of days, I used math.random but you can set a solid number GLOBAL.TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:ClearRevealedAreas() -- Clear the map days = 0 -- Set the days back to '0' end end local function OnInit(inst) -- On init function inst:WatchWorldState("iscaveday", CountDays) -- Watching for worlds state a.k.a night, dusk or day CountDays(inst, GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.iscaveday) end inst:DoTaskInTime(0, OnInit) -- Init function end) This should do the trick.
  9. Well, Don't Starve nights are not that short, even the shortest ones give you a good amount of time. I don't know what story could take so long. Summer nights might be too short if the story is that long but winter nights are almost half the entire day so you should have plenty of time. But if you REALLY want that Bee Movie script then editing the storyteller component might be necessary
  10. Weird. Everything looks fine. That means there must be a minor error in coding or some errors in anim files.
  11. You can post your prefab file and the anim file here, so I can see how it looks and maybe I'll be able to help.
  12. Put this in your modmain.lua, you can edit anything you want with this: TUNING.GAMEMODE_STARTING_ITEMS = { DEFAULT = { WILSON = {}, -- Just add or remove what you want WILLOW = {"lighter", "bernie_inactive"}, WENDY = {"abigail_flower"}, WOLFGANG = {}, WX78 = {}, WICKERBOTTOM = {"papyrus", "papyrus"}, WES = {"balloons_empty"}, WAXWELL = {"waxwelljournal", "nightmarefuel", "nightmarefuel", "nightmarefuel", "nightmarefuel", "nightmarefuel", "nightmarefuel"}, WOODIE = {"lucy"}, WATHGRITHR = {"spear_wathgrithr", "wathgrithrhat", "meat", "meat", "meat", "meat"}, WEBBER = {"spidereggsack", "monstermeat", "monstermeat"}, WINONA = {"sewing_tape", "sewing_tape", "sewing_tape"}, WORTOX = {"wortox_soul", "wortox_soul", "wortox_soul", "wortox_soul", "wortox_soul", "wortox_soul"}, WORMWOOD = {}, WARLY = {"portablecookpot_item", "potato", "potato", "garlic"}, WURT = {}, WALTER = {"walterhat", "slingshot", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock", "slingshotammo_rock"}, },