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  1. Thanks for clearing this up JoeW, it is very much appreciated.
  2. Please get off this bandwagon that everyone seems to be jumping on every time this issue arises. It is easy enough for ANYONE, not just a "griefer", to realise the griefing potential. This argument of "griefers are needed" is total crap, Klei know the full potential, I mean they are making the game. I actually have stopped playing DST because of this issue. It's very easy for Klei to put in place features such as an "easier to use" kick/ban feature and a rollback feature, like literally would take no more than 30 minutes to code in. Have Klei addressed this issue whatsoever? If so could anyone link it?
  3. In the end I started a new world and used the debug console to give me 2xlog suits and 2x ham bats, I then used the console to spawn in Bearger and tbh after a few tries he was very easy. I did this with all the giants. I thought deerclops was the easiest followed by the Goose then bearger and I found the dragonfly the hardest to kill. I'd suggest to anyone having trouble with defeating giants to start a new world and try this method to practice. Also without the log suits I would have been dead after two hits from any of the giants.
  4. Oh yea that's right forgot about that. The rockys idea didn't work out too well anyway, I had to bail out of the caves because I almost died from the bats.
  5. Ok, I'll see if I can try this and get back to you. Thanks
  6. Rock lobsters are a good idea but as I said i'm on day 15, I'm no where near prepared for the caves yet
  7. I don't doubt he is easy but without method he is not so easy. How exactly should I kite him? On which animation should I run in for an attack? I'm assuming you're saying to use log suits and a weapon here?
  8. Hi all I'm having trouble defeating the autumn giant in my world with Wilson. I'm on day 15 and he has teared my base up, killed all 5 beefalo I found by this point and the one spider den I found. If I attack him he makes me drop my weapon and the one boomerang I have isn't going to help much. I've backed up my save to the night before he spawns. So I'm wondering if anyone has managed to find a good way to beat him?