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  1. Im sorry if this was already suggested, but what of there is something a player can do to revive them? Of course to keep it a bit harder there would be a 50% chance that the player that had died IS fully dead and can't be revived unless given a Life Amulet (if that's what it's called, I haven't played DS in a long time). If the dead player isn't fully dead (._. ), then you do a revive on them, but it'd cost like 100 sanity, 50 hunger, and 50 health. Or maybe if lightning strikes where the players corpse is it could revive them, OR by having the surviving player place a lightning rod right over the dead player, and once lightning strikes it slowly revives the player. For the dead player, you could possibly be able to control the "soul" of the character which cannot die, can't harm anything, can't be seen by another player, and anywhere it had explored on the map doesn't actually "count" so you can't just do easy exploring. Or we can do something more bland like: "No perma death" - "Settings for perma death" - "Perma death so you have to sit there watching a player"
  2. I love the one trying to get on the chest and the one that's asleep
  3. Baby's xD.. Eh. It's a cool drawing of Wilson and the Tallbirds BABIES.
  4. I'm bored. I may want to get Pixel Piracy just because.

  5. Boreeeedddd. May wan

  6. Eh. I feel so dumb saying it like *that*
  7. Guys. I'm too lazy to read everything and see if this was suggested... But! SEARCH IN THE RUINS!!! It says "Forgotten Knowledge"... The ruins is like a forgotten city/village. *:D:D:D*
  8. He's good. I have a horrible spawn though. It's full of pigs and killer bees -_-
  9. Hey guys, there is a small amount of pig homes nearby.. Shall I torch them in the midst of night, or allow them to live?
  10. Mandrake, beefalo, and spiders! Hey, my spider is killing the drake! Yeah!
  11. Great. A stupid Birchnut tree guard. Of course.
  12. Wow my lag is just... -_- didn't mean to say "Later"Ah yes. It is spring in the world. I sense a good life for Webber