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  1. I was certain about receiving the big top tent today because as soon as I saw the notification on twitch I log onto DST. I knew it was my big top tent because i already received my profile icon and frame for this event yesterday. My guess is that the issue has something to do with me clicking "cancel" the first time I was logging in; regardless, this shouldn't deprive me of my big top tent. My steam ID: 5.!.L.V.3.R.4.C.3.R.3.C.o.!.L.
  2. I'm experiencing launch crash after this update, does anyone else have this?
  3. Not sure how relevant is the mdmp file since it's not on the date of crash. Last thing I did before exiting the game and before today's update was planting berry bushes next to my flingo dontstarve_steam_289542_crash_2018_10_17T12_4_4C0.mdmp log.txt
  4. basically, anything that's excessive reduced is nice
  5. sometimes when you tried to hold an additional silver plating or cookware with cursor when you have full inventory, the item disappears and returns to safe.