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  1. It's called feedback, trying to find something wrong with someones complaint is the only thing that doesn't serve an actual purpose. Because what I don't like is going to still be something that I don't like regardless of what you say, however with feedback they at least know why someone may have had a problem with their game, and could make changes if enough people shared the same sentiment. But encouraging that people keep their feedback to their self is really bad.
  2. Not exaggerating, the price starts high and decreases as more come on the market. There will be people buying them at first too so they will take a while for the price to go down, by then I have uninstalled and am playing another game.
  3. Even if those rose skins come, I hate the fact that I have to get lucky or pay someone on the marketplace $20+ or something. Wish I could just buy it as DLC (even if it's droppable)
  4. inb4 you can control bee's and the hat expires after 2 minutes.