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  1. Got a mod conflict with the character mod Puppy Princess. Don't know if it matters, but thought I'd post it. Probably has to do with the fact that the Puppy character also has levels.
  2. I seem to have a problem. I'm a lvl. 11 warrior and all i can craft is the sheet metal. what are the levels at which i can craft other things?
  3. so i guess you don't need this anymore?
  4. I actually copied the issue, don't know where the log file is or how to PM you
  5. hey, can't seem to craft any of the tools. I'm a warrior and i want to make a blade on a stick. It says "some things are unknown" any help? Edit: actually i have a new problem. I installed the new version and when i choose my class the game acted up. I do have other mods installed though so that could be the problem. what compatibility issues are there? I was using RPG hud and wheres my Beefeloo Edit Edit: I tried taking off the other mods and just run the RPG Mod. Same issue occurred i can't run the game. It gets an error and forces me to close the game