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  1. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I'm assuming you put the all the fireflies there yourself? What an awesome way to make your base more awesome!
  2. [SPOILERS] New craftables and recipes

    I found one picking a cactus, named something like 'name missing'. Didn't notice anything special graphicwise, before picking it, but wasn't paying attention.
  3. [SPOILERS] New craftables and recipes

    Guess I'm back to building a crockpot then.. Have done without for so long... But the temperature thing is quite nice!
  4. [SPOILERS] New craftables and recipes

    There's a topic on it somewhere. Apparently -20 degrees, same as icecream.
  5. So today?Imminent?

    Ik zit hier rustig te wachten op de update en leer ondertussen wat over taal, leuk hoor!
  6. So today?Imminent?

    Today, we connect with fellow [nationality]. Update, update, update!