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  1. Pretty sure the reason koalafant tracks spawn more frequently is because more people = more spawn rates sorta like hound attacks
  2. There's nothing new No one is going to participate in a puzzle already solved. No one likes necroing Especially in threads about puzzles as it makes people think there's a new puzzle When a new puzzle comes up. A new thread will be up Please don't reply anymore and just let this thread die.
  3. The way you're describing it. If two players were fighting deerclops and say 3 people just connected middle of winter. The two players now have to fight something with the health of five people fighting it. Theres also the issue of "Deerclops is coming, disconnect so host can solo it" which takes the together out of don't starve together.
  4. Its not the reeds that are the problem. Almost all the time its the feathers, I could see reeds being a problem if you didn't have a big swamp but for most of the time, Its the feathers.
  5. Its been in as long as the giants have in DS RoG.
  6. No DST was suppose to be playable at the end of summer I.E. An actual working version like the one at PAX there is still tons of bugs/crashed/ and exploits.
  7. DS and DST have a sense of achievements like others have said. While for some games such as Binding Of Isaac, where achievements fit nicely, DS is not one of those games that are meant for achievements. Most sense of achievements are radical things like getting through winter with 4 willows without anything burning down or killing a tree guard with bare fists. All in all, DS is about beating something and feeling accomplished, not the game saying GOOD JOB KID HERES A NICE LIL BOX FOR YOU.
  8. Klei works on their own schedule,Not yours, The frontier pack is for the people who can't wait for dst to be fully released. It doesn't matter to them that they're not giving the game to people who own ds because its not complete, when it is complete, all ds owners shall get it for free. So you can either A. Wait or B. Buy it