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  1. And the worst part probably it will stay like this.
  2. Ever since I opened Aporkalypse calendar room sound which is emited by calendar (grinding gears) keeps repeating on loop no mater where I am. This is on Nintendo Switch
  3. Nintendo Switch on latest patch. Using skyworthy and trying to merge worlds(from Hamlet to RoG) gives this error(picture attached). Then it generates new world with glitched sounds. Continuing playing makes sound dissapear and does freeze game forcing you to restart app.
  4. So after few month they still did not fix that SW dusk chime bug. It makes me sad because there are many reports on these but nobody seems to care
  5. Game crashes gives you error and closes the game when exiting cave if you stay longer. After reloading game you apear near the sinkhole like nothing happened and can continue play. Another bug with ruins: after genereating ruins you can see your character going down the rope and game just freezes forcing you to exit. As far I tested it happens only first time you enter!
  6. Can confirm this. Happens as well for me!