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  1. Hahah Trailer is freaking awesome! Realy! great respect to your movie maker )) GREAT LOL especialy at 0:35, and 0:43. p.s.: replay 9 times
  2. no news at this moment P.S.: rename this thread to "Where are you from?" rofl
  3. Wolfgang! Problems ? then eat meat stew, take meat club and just push "F" Grrrroooar !!! At this moment playing as Weber, i dont wanna hurt somebody here, but i dont like it. He can not even use spiders from spider dens during the day,blaaah =(( Wx-38 is the fastest **** in this wonderful world ! Walking cane + Magiluminescense + Lighting bolt charge + road under your feet Hell yeah, baby! Eat my dust! What? Full default map for 10 mins? challenge aссepted. >>> Devs, dont even think about to fix it pls
  4. i started a thread about this problem, you guys can find it here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/33915-early-acces-confusion/ Devs just leave this problem without any attention for today