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  1. I talk about Musha´s exp, not Yamcha´s 
    Yes he is "the phoenix", but if you want to make him more usefull make sure to let him eat something, fight with you etc...
    He will become bigger and you will be able to store items inside of him. (somehow, you can´t stop him from attacking spider nest once all the spider has been killed... so if you want to farm silk i suggest to not bring Yamcha with you or he will just destroy everything xD

  2. I did.. but he won't hatch :(


    All he does in the morning is shed it's shell..

    Probably it takes more time.

    If you want to check out it´s not a bug try using Too many items to craft yourself a level 7 phoenix egg in another world. That kind of egg is ready in 2 or 3 minutes, so you can test if it works.

    Personally i crafted myself the level 7 egg directly.

    Just wondering, do you have problem with the EXP system too? i can´t save my level up and i have to start everytime from 0