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  1. I Agree with what almighty is saying about griefing. There should be a log of users that have joined your server. I too have played this game a very long time( single player) ROG mostly. I am an end game player. I have been hosted a lot of servers recently the past 2 or 3 weeks and half the time, some greifer comes along whether it be at the start or into about 20-30 days of the server running and either destroys everything or takes all the valuable items that we have taken time to collect. This is annoying. Now im not to say that i cant just password my server, but I like to play with new people and as this is a beta atm, im more inclined to just play with strangers rather than play with people I trust atm with the current state of where the beta is. I love this game, i know Klei is trying its hardest to satisfy eveyone, but this needs to be delt with.
  2. From reading a previous post 10am pdt is when the update will come out, which is less than 4 hours. Watch a film, go for a long walk, take a nap. Youll still have time to press f5 again.