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  1. I signed up and did way more than this.. Not only for DST.. %1 of the Don't Starve players can reach the DST right now.. So i dont think this is cool. And choosing beginner players instead of experienced players.. well that was genius.. So have fun my friends my client never gonna update DS. I dont care. I'm not angry with you my player friends. I just dont feel i'm part of this game anymore.
  2. Hello. First of all.. I love and respect all the devs and artists who creates this master piece.. When i'm 80 years old i will be playing this game.. But I dont care DS Together anymore. I feel like excluded. And that makes me sad.. I spent my 300+ hours to this game. But a new players can reach DST.. I dont like this. Do whatever you want. I'm done.
  3. Maxwell figure is so tall.. I mean its taller than a blind box.. how is it coming in a blind box ?
  4. And this is the first screenshot from "Don't Starve Together" ! hahaha
  5. Hey guys I'm the papercraft guy ! Maybe you remember me with making pig house video. My blindboxes has arrived ! So i'm working on papercraft tent, icebox, some hats pighouses and etc.. I'm having fun making Don't Starve 3D.. Thats my hobby.. I just wanted to show you how is it going.. I'll keep going doing this stuff.. And getting bigger my village.. P.s : Sorry about my bad english