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  1. As you can see there should be an exit here (Of course mirrored, since that is a known bug) Currently there is no way for me to escape. I''m trying to wait out an earthquake to see if anything changes.
  2. You recently posted on a thread regarding an experienced server. We're always accepting, but do note that I'm not currently on home net, just phone net, meaning it may be a while before I host a server.

    It's also a fairly inactive Don't Starve Discord chat, so people have been getting impatient and leaving almost a day after. You're still free to join us, but the ones who are playing are either on public servers or hosting themselves.

    1. Kenami


      Uhhh, Not sure what happened but that whole thing got deleted. Sure, I would still like to join the server btw. Lol.

    2. Thieverpedia


      Add me via Discord, Thieverpedia #5449

  3. Sweet!!! Looking forward to see what's in store this patch!