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  1. Hey thanks for watching my series Sinxar. The videos are around 15 minutes because I received a copyright strike from a music video I made for Titanfall. I am unable to upload videos longer than 15 minutes for 4 more months. I still plan on releasing Don't Starve videos but I play other games as well so I don't focus on any one game. Stay tuned for more episodes!
  2. Winter Is Coming (Ep.09) - Don't Starve: The Survivor -------------------------------------------------- It's Cold, I'm Hungry (Ep.10) - Don't Starve: The Survivor
  3. New Friends (Ep.07) - Don't Starve: The Survivor -------------------------------------------------- Unwanted Guests (Ep.08) - Don't Starve: The Survivor
  4. Just make a Youtube account and start uploading there. Attachments on this forum I believe said a max of 128MB or something like that.
  5. Whoa what's with all the hostility? Strangerdanger101 is one of those rare ones who actually acknowledges his mistakes and apologizes for them. I think he is pretty awesome in my book. Hound Encounter (Ep.05) - Don't Starve: The Survivor -------------------------------------------------- Dog Pile (Ep.06) - Don't Starve: The Survivor
  6. Koalefant Hunter (Ep.03) - Don't Starve: The Survivor -------------------------------------------------- New DLC, New Game (Ep.04) - Don't Starve: The Survivor
  7. Hows it going Don't Starve fans? Hope you're all having a great day surviving and fending off the darkness. This is just another video thread among the countless other threads in this sub-forum. I am a relatively new Youtuber making video content and I decided to give Don't Starve a shot. Originally I tried out the game with the intent of making one first impressions type video as I prepared for The Forest which comes out May 22. But after playing for a little while I can't pull myself away from it and decided to make a whole series off of it. I was already 3 episodes in before I even noticed that a new DLC came out. Anyways if you guys had fun watching the videos then please consider hitting like on the video and leaving a comment! I love to interact with viewers! Full playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7RP0ieUxR5oTu3O080u2w23e7-C6S3gq The First Day (Ep.01) - Don't Starve: The Survivor -------------------------------------------------- The Second Day (Ep.02) - Don't Starve: The Survivor I will continue to update this thread as more episodes get released. Thanks for watching!