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  1. Don't get me wrong, while I do support as many world customization options as possible, I just want to point out what summer would be like.
  2. Not really, as there are random fires, faster food spoilage, withering plants which take a while to get back to normal, and with the new dragonfly, lava spitting. Overall, it's not due to wild fires as the rest are pretty minor as of now without the dragon fly, which can be compared to the base destruction caused by a deerclops..
  3. Sounds good then. And I assure you, I am in no way a hardcore player.
  4. That could help, but as you said, new players explore need to explore. And if it's good enough of an item, why won't they just look for it? I think there should be strong monsters surrounding better items.
  5. I think it would be cool, but what if someone was on day 3 or something and found a new OP item, thanks to others being nerfed? They would no longer need to explore to craft items.
  6. Wouldn't summer essentially turn into a reverse winter then?
  7. Deerclops hat

    Also, I don't care much if I get winter benefits. I just want to run around looking like a deerclops.
  8. Deerclops hat

    There are never enough hats, especially ridiculous ones.
  9. Deerclops hat

    What if there were hats/masks to show off victories from defeating giants? They could provide benefits for that season. For example, with a deerclops eyeball you could make a deerclops head, which has amazing winter protection. Or the loot from a summer giant would allow you to make a hat that helped you stay cold. Also, to make sure that loot can't get burned by accident, maybe there could be a mechanic similar to the ancient guardian's drops mainly being found inside of a generated chest. The spider queen already has a spider hat drop, but maybe other bosses than seasonal giants could as well.