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  1. AnarchyAF

    Burn Stats

    how much the improved burntime 100% to 0% is on game day's ?
  2. does this affects the golden tools? if i don't want specific item's i erase the line of that item?
  3. AnarchyAF

    Wall Gates

    compadre argentino, este mod esta desactualizadisimo y el usuario que lo subio nunca mas se conecto asi que este mod se consideraria muerto,
  4. AnarchyAF


    how i can change the "hitbox" of the mushroot's because i want to plant them more closer to each other
  5. AnarchyAF


    Digging and replanting the mushroom will cause it to take longer to regrow than just picking it. only the first time or forever ?
  6. AnarchyAF

    RPG Items

    how i can change the 20% chance to gain a magical effect? i want to make it 50%
  7. AnarchyAF

    Advanced Farming

    i like it but i think it should be like an "add on", like you can craft the little grey "protector" and add it to your already maked farm's like, EJ: advanced farm + little grey "protector" =
  8. AnarchyAF


    woo this is great i really want it warms when near please afro :3
  9. AnarchyAF

    Trading system

    from nowwhere a inventory slot appeared down the crafting tab it happens when i click the 3 page of good's in the vending machine
  10. AnarchyAF

    Trading system

    what do you mean whit disasters?
  11. AnarchyAF

    Trading system

    can you make a list for what you can sell and how much gold it gives you?
  12. AnarchyAF

    RPG Items

    how i can spawn a "especific" kind of effect?
  13. AnarchyAF

    Trading system

    it work's for Giant Steps ???
  14. AnarchyAF

    RPG Items

    how long you will take to make update it to giant step's ?