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  1. More bugs... moles -- constant sniffing sound, even when moles are digging around underground and not sniffingGlommer -- option to attack, even when tamed (maybe make it so it can't be attacked when the flower is in the player's inventory)?
  2. Oops, no -- eating the gears didn't work; she just said, "I can't do that", but I know that the option wasn't there before.
  3. Hi Klei, Been playing the beta (it's awesome), and, while I'm sure some of these are repeats, here's what I've noticed so far... rabbit holes -- staying collapsed through all seasons (even if rabbits pop out)catcoons -- following AI has issues; they'll get "stuck" on a corner and just try to walk at you forevercatcoons -- CAN CATCH ON FIRE? c'mon, seriously. summer sucks enough!spontaneous combustion -- catcoons, pigs, spiders, birds!? wood/rope-based stuff, at least that makes sense,...mole burrows -- digging sound persists even when there is no mole digging around (logging in and out fixes)crock pots -- cooking food finishes cooking as rot instead of wet goopcrock pots -- dropped items fell "under" and couldn't be picked upitems hovering over ocean space or empty space in cavesgears -- option to eat even as Willowice flingomatic -- flings ice at endothermic fires, durrrr whyyyice flingomatic -- when holding the hammer and hovering over the machine, only the "hammer" option appears (I was running around frantically and almost hammered it to bits); maybe two options?