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  1. In the future,I may add the 4 bosses to be the target. They could destroy structure.
  2. Thank you.I will work on it immediately.
  3. Eh,I negligently delete the file. So I upload a new one. Hope you like the 1.2 version
  4. Version V1.5


    Build a vending machine and buy various goods.(by using coins)(you could exchange gold nugget to coins in 1:2) Build a task board and do daily task to gain coins. When a new day comes,goods list and prices will change.Don't forget to check what is on sell today ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *attention*:if you don't have RoG DLC,please open the file"modinfo.lua",change "api_version = 5" to "api_version = 4". ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Structure: vending machine(2 boards,2 cutstones,2 gears)(science = 1) task board (4 boards,2 papyrus)(science = 1) Ancient: portable broken altar(4 thulecite,4 demon ticket,1 minotaurhorn)(low ancient) portable altar(6 thulecite,4 demon ticket,portable broken altar)(high ancient) -----------------------------How to use------------------------------ vending machine:put gold nuggets into it,then click "Coin" button to make coins.Click "Shop" button to shop. task board:Click "Check" button to check tasks or delivery task items.Click "Hunt" to start a hunt task. *attention*:Do not place the task board too close to your base.Or maybe it will cause a disaster.