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  1. Up and Away

    Has anyone tested if it's compatible with Tiny Alchemy Powers? If not I'll post my findings here.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt

    Could you maybe add some sort of spawn chance for the blue egg? Because getting one every time I chop down a level 3 birchnut or mine a glacier is kinda annoying me. Or could you at least tell me some coding to add this in my version. If you could that would be wonderful!
  3. I agree. Get to it! Then I will give this mod some consideration!
  4. Friendly Slurper

    Hey, I think there's a bug where each level of a world has different versions of both Ice and normal Slurpers. When I go down into the caves, their inventories are empty, then back to full on the surface. Please fix this, as I store my foods and thermal stones in Ice slurpers when going into the caves.
  5. Retail stalls

    Unbalanced. Valve pls fix.
  6. RPG Mod

    I can't wait until you make this compatible with RPG HUD!