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  1. I'm currently in the process of working on a mod for this issue, and there are a couple options I'm looking at making available: 1) Once put in a birdcage, the bird will never starve. 2) Once put in a birdcage, you can feed a bird x pieces of food, which will feed it for x days. 3) A birdcage will have a "feeder" with fancy visual cues and can be "stocked" up to some amount with seeds. This is a fair bit more complex and will require someone to produce art assets (since I am extremely unqualified). If you have a specific interest give something a +1 in a reply and I'll tally them up.
  2. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    lol... it is a beta...
  3. Well, at the moment at least, giants teleport with you... Which is really stupid, but it means that unless you're on the island when the growl starts you'll probably be attacked.
  4. See picture. The koalefant track is unclickable.
  5. Mostly in agreement. I personally think food is a bit too easy right now (maybe we need more spider-queen counterparts for Beefalo/Catcoons/Moles/Birds, etc), but otherwise I'd agree that the biggest problem right now is that "fighting" really means kiting, and as Giants have entered the game fighting is now being emphasized much more heavily, but hasn't really received any mechanical attention. Instead all the design changes have gone into weather, leaving the Giants in this weird limbo space where the Giants themselves are new but how we deal with them is nearly identical to how you fight anything else in the game.
  6. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Yeah, I've had 0 trouble with birchguards due to this. In fact it seemed kind of silly but I assumed it was meant to balance out the obvious inanity of having too many birchguards all defending each other and creating a super-grove. However.. given that you can just cut them down during the winter without any trouble... I think it might be a bug.